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Serendipity Fig Roles

This is a blog post I wrote in 2013 following what I think was my first Zero Waste Week food waste audit. It came to mind today as a result of a Zero Food Waste Heroes course that I’m running over the next four weeks. I invited my Zero Food Waste Hero participants to start…

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11 Ways to Tenderise Chicken, Without Using Plastic

zero waste chicken breast

Kelly contacted me last week. She was looking for ways to tenderise chicken without using clingfilm or plastic bags. Kelly said “I currently place chicken breasts between two sheets of plastic and pound it with a mallet.” She was looking for another way to do this job without using Ziploc bags or sheets of plastic,…

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Could you make a pledge with me today?

I came across this article that suggests that we if we all picked up one piece of litter every time we visit our waterways, we could be plastic free in  year. I really liked the video. Seeing people who are absolutely passionate about a cause, makes me feel a bit more normal! Watching all that stuff…

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Food Waste Reduction for Businesses

fruits and vegetables in an indoor fresh food market

Scientists say we have just a decade to avoid a catastrophic climate crisis. [1] Your staff are probably talking about the ‘Blue Planet effect’ around the coffee machine [2] and are awake at night worrying about the future of the planet for their children and grandchildren. Maybe you are too. Food Waste Contributes to Climate…

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Keeping our reusables safe

I’ve been reading an interesting article about the importance of making sure we keep our reusable items clean and safe. Well, in truth, the article was actually a bit of a reusable-bashing session suggesting that consumers (i.e. the public – aka you and me) can’t be trusted to use reusables because they don’t bother or…

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The 10 minute show you care challenge

The Day 5 Challenge - Caring and Sharing

The Friday Feedback Challenge! What we’d like you to do today is to look back at the ways you’ve reduced your food waste and tell us about them. Have you saved some food from becoming waste? Have you cut down the amount of money you’ve spent on food? Have you found some new things that…

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Zero Waste Week – Day five

So here we are, on our last day for Zero Waste Week 2020! We’ve been amazed at the feedback and the level of participation this year. It goes to show, it is such an important subject. If you’ve enjoyed the daily challenges and want to go a step further towards reducing your food waste you…

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How to make the most of your food in a shared household

When I talk to my daughters about some of the methods I use to reduce our food waste, they heave that wistful sigh of “If only…” Both in their twenties, they’ve spent several years in shared households, including student accommodation, and they remind me of what it is like when you have very little space…

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Zero Waste Week 2020 – Day Four

We zero heroes are a growing band! Together we make a huge difference.

Welcome to Day Four of Zero Waste Week Today’s topic is inspired by Zero Waste Week Ambassador, Claire Carter. Claire took our Zero Food Waste Heroes Training Course and one of the lessons reminded her about this: “Several years ago for Zero Waste Week, we had the hashtag #letsignorebestbefore. It was really interesting to see…

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