7 Easy Ways to Reduce your Paper Footprint

no junk mail

Over a decade ago, I was inspired by a lady called Mandy Haggith, who taught me all about our paper footprint. She calculated that the average person uses around 250kg of paper per year. It’s made up of things like newspapers, receipts, toilet paper, packaging and printer paper. Another source I found, suggest that the…

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How To Move House – The Zero Waste Way

how to move house the zero waste way

It’s a year of new beginnings here at Zero Waste Towers. (That’s my upbeat way of saying many things are ending!) One thing that is on the cards is a house move for my daughter. She’s got a job the other side of the city and, as she doesn’t drive – and we live in…

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7 Simple Tips for a Zero Waste Barbecue

zero waste barbecue

There’s something wonderful about a summer barbecue. It’s an excuse to gather with friends and family, to enjoy some al fresco food and let’s face it, for some reason, everything tastes better when you eat it outdoors! Sadly though, a barbecue can result in a lot of excess waste. It’s often a time when we…

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Towards a Zero Waste Printing Industry

label waste printing industry

I recently needed to get some printing work done. Back in the day I wouldn’t have thought twice about eco credentials; I would have just ordered the cheapest or the nicest and that would have been as far as any decision making would have gone. In fact I confess to having boxes of old business…

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Let’s Talk about Fast Fashion – with Seven Ways to Counteract It

Did you know that fashion is ranked as the world’s third most polluting business, after the oil and gas industry? This is because throughout the product lifespan – from manufacturing to disposal – all phases of the fashion industry may have significant environmental implications, which contributes to fashion’s excessively large aggregate ecological footprint. During my…

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How to Reduce Waste at Work and Increase Profits

reduce waste increase profit

Anna and I work with many businesses, educating them about reducing waste. This nearly always has a positive benefit on profits, especially as we like to model the triple bottom line throughout our workshops and courses. With the triple bottom line, the emphasis is on measuring social and environmental as well as financial performance. We…

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15 (and counting!) Ways to Use Up Tahini

how to use tahini to prevent food waste

This week I reached out to our community about a large jar of tahini that has been looking at me every time I open the fridge! As I’m the only person who eats it – and I eat it infrequently – I was worried it might end up as food waste. All I’ve ever done…

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The Circular Economy and how we can Move Towards it

Anna and I frequently have conversations about the circular economy. While most people and businesses understand the importance of the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – there is an even more important aspect, which many businesses do not yet utilise: Supporting the circular economy. As we’re gradually emerging from the unprecedented turbulence of the…

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Zero Waste Week 2021 – Day Five

To celebrate the final day of Zero Waste Week 2021, we have a special gift for you. You can enjoy 75% off all our online courses by using the code zerohero when you checkout. View our online courses and enjoy as many discounted courses as you like – the coupon expires 17th September. You don’t…

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Zero Waste Week 2021 – Day Four

zero waste week day four challenge

Community recommendations Today is all about where we can go for help and inspiration to find ways to reduce our waste. When we want to make changes to our lives or start something new, we generally like to get a few ideas on how to go about it. The whole point of this year’s Zero…

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