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Potato Peel Cookies

If you’ve started Rachelle’s fantastic Waste Less, Enjoy More During Lockdown course you’ll love this recipe. Mr Pitt has never really been a fan of the potato skin crisps I make, so the skins were often ending up in the compost these days as I can’t eat them all myself and we are not expecting…

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The decade that circular becomes mainstream

I was delighted to see this at the start of 2020. We have a new decade so let’s make this the decade when sustainable circular economy principles become mainstream. I used to think that with my (nearly) Zero Waste lifestyle, putting my residual waste bin out for collection just once a year, I was one…

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Your Boxing Day Nutritious and Delicious Leftovers Lunch

The perfect Boxing Day lunch is a Leftovers Delight in our house. We always have a big family gathering on Boxing Day, and the main event is the rest of the turkey and of course, the traditional Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak. The great thing is, it doesn’t seem like a plate of “healthy”, but…

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Garage and Sheds: How to create your own recycling centre

recycling centre at home

Recycling really makes a difference. It helps preserve natural resources, creates jobs, reduces the amount of waste landfilled or incinerated and reduces pollution. According to DEFRA’s UK statistics on waste report, we’re nearly reaching our EU recycling target in the UK of 50%, but there’s still more work to do. While the long term goal…

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Time for Therapy? Six Ways to Deal With Eco Anxiety

six ways to combat eco anxiety

I first came across the term eco anxiety earlier on this year. But I realise it’s been a ‘thing’ without a name for a while now. In fact, becoming a parent and witnessing first hand some of the devastating consequences of climate change, and wondering what the future held for my daughter was definitely a…

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How to Create a Zero Waste Bedroom

zero waste bedroom

This week a reader wrote to me about her bedroom. She’s moving into a brand new home and starting from scratch. She wants to create a Zero Waste bedroom and was asking for tips. Here are some things to consider: Decoration Covering walls with conventional paint can be a pretty damaging thing for the environment,…

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