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Recycle your mobile phones and help save the gorillas

My 5th generation iphone 4S (bought second hand in 2012) has been the brunt of many wide-eyed looks and jokes amongst my techie friends. While they can’t imagine life without the latest upgrade, I’m questioning whether inbuilt obsolescence really does seem to be a ‘thing’ and who’s falling for the marketing hype! My mobile is…

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My top 10 tips for Zero Waste Champions

I’ve worked for several years now as a “Love Food Hate Waste Champion” for Oxfordshire County Council. However, earlier this year I left Oxfordshire for pastures new and was very sorry not to be continuing with this role. I met up with Becky from the waste management team to share some of the issues I’ve…

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Anna’s ZWW – Day 5

I’m really glad that this Zero Waste Week is showing the connection between reducing waste and the climate crisis. I think a lot of people would agree with me that life has got a bit manic. “I’m so busy”. Being busy is often cited as the reason people waste stuff. I have often thought that…

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Anna’s ZWW – Day 4

Climate change in your bathroom! This is the biggest struggle for me. I seam to accumulate packaging in the bathroom. The best thing I did in my efforts at greening up our home was to put a recycling container on my landing so that it saved me time sorting out the bathroom bin. Last year,…

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Anna’s ZWW – Day 3

OMG I think I’m contributing to that 30bn of unused clothes with my wardrobe. I’ve really noticed lately that I wear very few of my clothes. So today I’m going to think about what to keep and what should go. I had a good long look at what was in there and I have three…

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Anna’s ZWW – Day 2

Yay! Today is all about food and how to lower our impact by taking a look at our food choices. The great thing is… it is so easier to reduce your food waste. It saves money as well as saving on carbon footprint and it is a really enjoyable change to make. This was among…

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