Local Authorities

We know it can be hard to engage your residents with your recycling and that you struggle to create a buzz online. And while anecdotal evidence is important, you need tangible results.

With over a decade's experience of running the UK’s leading campaign on waste reduction, we know how to get results.

Zero Waste Week began with 100 participants in 2008 and reached over 56 million 10 years later. The award-winning campaign has been recognized by Prime Minister Theresa May and reaches participants in every county throughout the UK.

Here are some of the stats from the 2018 campaign:

  • 58% reduced their landfill waste during Zero Waste Week
  • 79% said they would recommend other people take part
  • 61% have changed something about their lifestyle or shopping habits as a result of Zero Waste Week
  • 72% say they trust the information shared throughout Zero Waste Week

Our services

Campaign Guide

We realise how stressful it can be for your local authority waste management team to work in a reactionary way to Zero Waste Week. So every year, in June, we produce a campaign pack that you can buy for £69 to help you save time and money by preparing your events and content in advance.

Each pack includes an introduction to the theme for the year, social media images, written-for-you updates and ideas for events to tie in with the theme. Look out for the Early Bird price of £39 - contact us to register your interest.

Feedback from Zero Waste Week participants:

  • “I thought I led an eco friendly life, but Zero Waste Week has made me realise there is so much more I can do!”
  • “It was brilliant and informative, I really enjoyed it.”
  • “It’s inspiring to think I am not alone and that there are so many ideas I hadn’t thought of or needed reminding of.”
  • “A great way to get involved in a deeper way, connect with others and educate others.”
  • “Zero Waste Week increased my awareness of how much plastic is being used and discarded on a daily basis, and this week provided me with many alternatives and waste reduction methods.”
  • “I’m feeling proud of the small amount of rubbish being sent to landfill from our household and being able to be an example to our grandchildren”

Training programmes and more

We can provide training programmes for your staff or residents, online courses and consulting to help you get more people wasting less throughout the year. Due to popular demand, we have more courses launching soon.

Support for your champions

Anna designed her own course to train Food Waste champions in Oxfordshire. She knows how to get that all important public engagement and is an expert on the practical stuff. She's made this accessible to more local authorities and more people by making it available online.

Course prices:

10 licenses: £600

30 licenses: £900

100 licenses: £1000

Bespoke Support

If you need more targeted help, then contact us to discuss your needs.

Here’s what Waste Strategy Projects Officer, Becky Kenton-Lake said:

We know that Christmas results in a huge increase in the amount of food wasted, so wanted to produce some short videos with tips on how you can reduce this and make your food go further. Anna Pitt was very well placed to be able to feature in these as she volunteers for our Replenish project, talking to the community about how to reduce food waste, and has written books and blogs on the topic. Anna has endless practical and easy tips for reducing waste and is aware of the need to pitch messages correctly for the audience.