Zero Heroes Food Waste Course


Following brilliant feedback from Zero Waste Week participants of  ‘We want more!’, food waste expert, sought after speaker and author, Anna Pitt is ready to guide you through the maze of food waste issues. You’ll meet with her once a week for four weeks on Zoom, and if you follow her advice to the letter, you could save over £840 per year on food!


Next intake for this course is mid March 2021 – Purchase now to secure your place on the list.


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anuYou’ve been getting better at reducing your food waste but there’s still more to do…

Do you feel frustrated that such a massive global problem, like the problem of food waste, actually has a really simple solution?

Do you worry about how much food you throw way each week? Does it hurt that, while all this food is being thrown away, one in nine people across the world go to bed hungry?

Are you concerned about what the future holds for your children and grandchildren? You want to be part of the solution not part of the problem, so this course is for you.

About Me

My name is Anna Pitt and I’ve written two books about waste reduction, one of which, Leftover Pie, was all about reducing food waste. I’ve been writing and speaking about waste reduction in schools, businesses, community groups or just outside Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s on a cold winter day in the run up to Christmas! And I love doing it.

But it isn’t really about the fact that I love it! Maybe that helps me to be good at it, but really it is about a massive global problem that scientists are telling us we only have a decade to fix before the consequences become dire.

I’ve probably helped a few thousand people to reduce their food waste. The problem is there are a few billion of us contributing to the enormous mountain of food waste that is being thrown away – often in the wrong way – all round the world. So, we need an army of people like you reducing your food waste too.

There is a global goal that has been agreed to, that says we need to halve food waste by 2030. That’s just 10 years away.

You probably can’t halve your food waste overnight. There’s no miracle cure. But there are so many ways that little by little we can chip away at the problem and help you on your path to radical food waste reduction in ways that are so easy it will feel like a walk in the park on a sunny day, when in fact, you can look behind and realise you’ve managed an uphill struggle without even noticing. That’s what we are aiming for, and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do.


Next intake for this course is mid March 2021.

When you pay for this course, you’ll be able to download the course instructions, ready for your first call in March. Can’t make it live? Don’t worry – all calls will be recorded and sent to you. You can email me any questions in advance, and I’ll be sure to answer them on the next call.

How the course works

The course is broken down into 4 weekly Zoom calls of 40 minutes. With each session you’ll get downloadable fact sheets and worksheets and be able to ask your burning questions.

There’s also my book, Leftover Pie: 101 ways to reduce your food wastewhich you’ll find a useful addition to the course, and will give you lots of tips and recipes that will be helpful to you as you learn to reduce your food waste.

Course outline:

Set over 4 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • WHY people waste food (you’ll be surprised) and how to over come it in your own household.
  • All about meal planning – this applies to you, regardless of whether you shop once a day or once a month.
  • The right mindset to put good habits in place. You’ll be amazed how a simple shift of mind can bring positive results.
  • How to become an expert on portion control, so you fill bellies and not bins.

At the end of the course you’ll feel confident in making the most of the food you buy, you’ll have plenty of practical hints, tips and ideas and you’ll be part of a community that is being part of the solution. Oh, and you’ll have saved heaps of money too!

Full Details

Course structure

The course takes four weeks.

You will get:

  • A pdf copy of Anna’s book, Leftover Pie: 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free
  • 1 x 40 minute zoom meeting each week
  • A course booklet to guide you through the course (pdf)
  • Downloadable fact sheets and worksheets
  • The opportunity to ask Anna your burning questions
  • A fun challenge each week and feedback on your progress
  • 6 Recipe Cards
  • Email / WhatsApp support throughout the four weeks of the course and two weeks after
  • Guidance to create three weeks of planned meals
  • A log of your savings
  • Guidance on next step to take for your own personal food waste reduction journey


Course outline

Session One will cover

  • The ground rules
  • The learning from Zero Waste Week
  • The challenges people came up against
  • The frustrations and disappointments (and what to do about them!)
  • The success, the results and the next steps

Session Two will cover

  • Why we waste food
  • A look at habit
  • Common misconceptions
  • Understanding dates (yes just to make sure we’ve totally got this!)
  • Portion control

Session three will cover

  • Meal Planning
  • How to avoid the groans and the moans
  • Making the planning easier
  • The magic ways to make the plan work

Session four will cover

  • Making the most of the food we buy
  • How to have the confidence to buy less food
  • How to avoid wasting food unnecessarily
  • How best to deal with unavoidable food waste



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