Zero Waste Week 2020 Supporters Pack


This downloadable guide will save you heaps of time and resources, enabling you to quickly and effectively participate in this year’s Zero Waste Week. You’ll get inspiration, insight and done-for-you images and updates so you can motivate and engage staff or residents in this year’s campaign.



Zero Waste Week 2020 takes place 7-11th September.

Each year we put together this affordable guide so you can get a sneak peek on the topic and plan everything in advance – ready to be a Zero Waste Week Hero.

Whether you want to forward plan your social media updates during the week, be part of the #ZeroWasteWeek hashtag that usually trends and reaches millions of impressions – or you’re looking to join in with your own event in the workplace or with your residents, this guide is for you.

You’ll discover the overall theme for this year, as well as information about the special topics of focus chosen for each day. We’ve also shared a bonus free guide – the 9As you need to know about, and the three important theories of behaviour change so you can ensure your participation is a success.

Did we mention bonuses? To make sure it’s as simple as possible for you to take part, you’ll get six folders of free images you can use on your social media or intranet plus sample tweets, so all you need to do is copy and paste into your comms strategy for the week!


The information in this guide is only to be shared during Zero Waste Week. This is of course to make sure the week has maximum impact for you. So get participants excited about Zero Waste Week in the lead up to the big event, but don’t tell them what they will be doing in advance of the week. It is the collective action and the feeling of being part of the massive global movement that Zero Waste Week has become that gives the feeling of doing something special and exciting. Otherwise it would be like celebrating Christmas in July!

What’s in the pack:

  • Our ‘secret sauce’ formula where we share the theories and practises behind running a successful behavioural change campaign. You’ll discover the three important theories on behaviour change and the nine steps to follow. This is backed by over a decade’s experience, so you don’t want to miss it!
  • The forward planning guide where you’ll discover the topic for this year’s campaign, an itinerary of the discussions for each day and suggested social media updates.
  • SIX folders of images so you don’t need to spend time creating your own. Each image links to a suggested social media update which you are free to copy & paste or edit, so you could load up an entire week’s content within an hour or two.
  • A bonus PDF outlining the 9 As of becoming a Zero Hero. Share this on your intranet, email it to residents or print it off to remind colleagues how to win at reducing waste throughout the week.
  • Bonus images and downloadable files, including a waste audit sheet and ‘cheat sheet’ to help participants make the most of the week.



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