Is your school going green this year? Will you be thinking about your carbon footprint? And do you want to save money by reducing waste? Then we can help!

If you're passionate about teaching the importance of reducing waste to your students but don't know where to start, we've done it all for you. Whether you need a fun and interesting assembly, done-for-you lesson plans, eye-catching printed materials or Skype support, we'll deliver everything you need to succeed.

Our services

Display materials and guides include eye-catching posters for noticeboards (including the all-important one for the staffroom) and postcards for students to take home. Buy yours here.

Assemblies, half-day or all-day visits from £250 plus travel. Choose from the following topics:

  • ‘Food for thought: how to reduce food waste’
  • ‘Why do we need to save water when it rains all the time?’
  • ‘Energy action’, ‘Fuel focus’
  • ‘The Recyclometer: the carbon footprint of recycling’
  • ‘Rubbish or resources?  Trash or treasure? How to encouraging re-use’

All these talks help staff and students understand how we can lessen our impact on the planet and what difference that makes.  We know how important it is to fit in with your timetable, so you can select a short assembly, a visit to a particular class or classes or a lunchtime or after-school session with your eco-committee or school council. Mix and match all of these to make the most of your visit. 

Read more about Anna's Dustbin Diet taster sessions and full workshops!

Packages include display materials sent to you in the post, downloadable materials to help you get the most from your Zero Waste campaign and tips so you can plan, run and evaluate your event. Plus speaker visits to inspire your students, help them understand the issues and get them thinking in the Zero Waste Way.

Although we're "Zero Waste Week" we are all about creating waste reducing habits that are for life, not just for the week.

Schools are facing such severe budget cuts. Anything that saves money in the long term is welcome. We'll show you how to implement a sustainability policy to make your school budget go so much further. And if you're struggling to get sustainability into your curriculum, we'll show you how.

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