Zero Waste Latvija

latvija flag map zero waste weekMy country does not have a common waste management mechanism.

Waste management is the responsibility of each municipality.

In my municipality, the main waste collection point is “EKO Kurzeme” and the Environmental Services Group.

Unfortunately, lately there is evidence that garbage from other countries is imported into Latvia. They are stored in landfills.

There is a small group in Latvia who is thinking of life without waste. This is something new in our consumer society.

We have a group

There we exchange information, ideas, new experiences.

This year, we tested the supermarket’s attitude towards its packaging, its wrapping bag, and the paper bag.

To reduce waste, we sew fabric shopping bags, we make our own woven sanitary napkins, baby nappies, read the rubbish we find in the park, sort the waste, etc.

In Latvia, in general, there is still a lot of work in society that needs to change thinking about nature for good and living without waste.

Submitted by Inese Vilmane