11 ways to stick to a zero waste lifestyle

New Year’s Resolutions can be so hard to stick to.

You begin with the best of intentions, but by January 10th, they’re a distant memory and you’re back to bad habits.

If you’ve made a resolution to live a zero waste lifestyle, our Facebook Group members are sharing the easiest changes they made, so you can get on the bandwagon and stay there!

Switch to bamboo

Shy Buba said “I switched to a bamboo toothbrush, they sell them near my house, it’s not really expensive and I got used to it after a day.”

Make your own

Minna said “A few months ago I switched to home-made deodorant¬† – it’s super easy to make.”

Remember your bags!

Jessica shared “taking bags with me

Change your shopping habits

Rich shared “Grocer over supermarket for less packaged fruit n veg etc”

Switch to cloth

Katherine said “Changing to cloth sanitary pads instead of disposable sanitary pads

Ditch the disposables

Georgina suggested “I made napkins to use and bought rough cloths for scrubbing and wiping up. No more kitchen roll. It’s been at least a year. ”

Zero waste lunch

Nicole said “I pack all my lunches in containers, no plastic zip lock bags or cling wrap in sight.”

Bar soap

Cait said “I changed from liquid hand wash in a plastic bottle to solid soap. I’d forgotten that there was a time in my life when nobody had bottled hand wash!”

Make toothpaste

Liz shared “I use bicarbonate of soda for many cleaning and detox jobs including making my own toothpaste mixed with Turmeric a little black pepper to activate the curcumin and organic cold pressed coconut oil.”

Squeaky clean

Emily said “ I wash my make up off with a muslin cloth

Remove the bin!

Here’s mine! The thing that made the biggest difference to reducing landfill waste was by removing the kitchen bin. This made us think whenever we went to ‘throw something away’ if we could reuse, recycle or compost it instead.

What about you? What is the SIMPLEST thing you do to go zero waste?

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