23 delicious ways to use up sweet potatoes!

This week I had four sweet potatoes in my veg box.

I kept leaving them in favour of more regular foods, but the time came when I knew I’d have to use them up before they ended up on the compost heap.

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, hence my procrastination. But having read about some of the amazing health benefits – they are one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene, they improve blood sugar regulation and are anti-inflammatory – I figured it was time to find some recipes I could enjoy.

I asked our Facebook Group for ideas and here’s what they said:

Pat keeps it simple with “Mashed with garlic and butter and cheese” Claire‘s idea is even more straight forward, she said “Add one to normal potato mash

Sheena went for sweet treats with links to Sweet Potato apple pie cream and 5 ingredient sweet potato brownies.

Jo says “I make them the base of a vegetable curry – lovely with chickpeas”

Donna opts for “Sweet potato chips”

Janneke prefers “Great grated and squished into a rosti”

Dana shared this link for sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon and said they tasted like a dessert.

Gary, Jeanette, Anna, Louisa and Mandy use them like baked potatoes. Mandy wrote “I like mine baked, with a topping of spicy mixed beans and a spoon of plain yoghurt or creme fraiche“. Louisa shared “We toast them whole, then slit and scoop out the flesh, mix with yummy things like herbs, crushed garlic, chopped peppers, you name it, then stuff back into skins and top with grated cheese and back in the oven until brown on top.Louisa said ” We toast them whole, then slit and scoop out the flesh, mix with yummy things like herbs, crushed garlic, chopped peppers, you name it, then stuff back into skins and top with grated cheese and back in the oven until brown on top.

Lauren makes soup. She writes “I regularly make soup with onion, carrot, celery, sweet potato and lentils. Very filling, tasty and cheapKatherine makes soup too, she said “makes lovely soup with a butternut squash and an onion. I season with black pepper, paprika and cinnamon.

Rebecca is all about the roast she shares “chop them into cubes/chips, coat in oil and rosemary and pop in oven for 45mins “. Brenda agrees, she wrote “roasted with chilli and garlic oil and some rock saltLouise does a similar thing, she writes “Scrub them, chop them into chunks, put in an oven pro dish, pour olive oil and sprinkle cumin seeds over them, put in oven. Turn them over/swoosh them around at some point, and put back in oven, till they’re nicely roasted but not burnt.Kate shared this recipe for melting sweet potatoes.

Saskia shared this recipe for lentils and sweet potatoes. She also said “I have used up the left over sweet potatoes, by roasting sweet potato wedges, and serving with chili, spring onion, balsamic reduction, figs and goat’s cheese.

EmmaLouise and Rowena make crisps. Rowena shared her recipe. She wrote “Sliced thinly, oiled tin and bake into crisps (a little salt or paprika sprinkled on top makes them extra delicious).

Francoise makes this recipe “A kind of Shepherd’s pie (Hachis parmentier, in French) with green lentils. Just cook green lentils with shallots, garlic and a few drops of Shoyu, put them in an oven-safe dish, cover with mashed sweet potatoes, a bit of oat cream (or cream or soy cream or whatever cream 😉 ) and cheese or malted yeast, then bake in the oven until golden brown. We love this. (This dish is traditionally cooked with regular potatoes and minced meat in France, but it works great with lentils – you can also add another layer of vegetables beneath the (sweet) potatoes)“. Aggie said “on top of shepherds pie (make with quorn or lentils if veggie), put teaspoon of curry powder in with mince mixture and sweet potato mash on top

Vicky also shared her sweet tooth recipe. She wrote “Steam them then mash with a banana and grated creamed coconut. It’s pudding! Add cocoa powder for total hit!

Janine said “Smokey paprika sweet potatoes with black beans in a tomatoey sauce

Reicht shared this recipe for yamadillas and this little nugget for our feline friends “I feed small amounts of sweet potatoes mixed and mashed with other food to my cats, a known remedy for hairballs“.

Rei suggested I try the Chinese way with this recipe for sweet potato and ginger soup.

Victoria shared this recipe from Good Housekeeping “Goodhousekeeping mag have a really easy recipe – chorizo ring, tin of tomatoes, tin of chickpeas, 2 sweet potatoes, coriander. Slice and fry chorizo for 5 min, chop sweet potatoes, add everything to pan, cover and cook till sweet potato is soft. Serve with chopped coriander. Love it for being easy and it only has 5 ingredients so easy to remember what you need to pick up at the shops.

Ali said this recipe for Jerk sweet potato and black bean curry was on her to do list and invited me to try it too!

Wendy urged me to try these sweet potato pakoras.

Noemi shared this recipe for caramelised Japanese sweet potatoes, these sweet potato patties and another patties recipe made with quinoa.

Janet suggested “you can cook them in with rice. They also make a nice ingredient in a vegetarian curry

Lara is clearly a sweet potato fan. She said “Veggie/chicken or beef fajitas on baked sweet potatoes, smashed avocados and dip. Delish!! Or just done as chips with something.

John enthused “They’re an important part of a vegan and crohns-friendly pizza topping my wife makes, along with butternut squash, chives, tomato puree, courgette and a few other bits. YUMMY!

Chelsea shared this idea for quick and easy sweet potato bread “sweet potato mixed with flour equal parts and mix, turn out into the surface and kneed and add flour until no longer sticky. Divide and roll out into 3mm thick and fry in a medium heat (I use coconut oil but any will do) cook for a few mins on each side. Yummy

Karen shares her comfort food recipe “Chop up in chunks with a onion & a clove of garlic and some sausages &a some leftover crusty bread if you have it. Drizzle with oil and bake for 20 mins. Then add stock and put it back in the oven til the sausages go sticky and the bread and potatoes has soaked up the stock!






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