4 ways to reuse old erasers

Little Miss Green used to collect stationery.

Then she grew out of it.

We had drawers full of notebooks, pens, pencils and erasers to dispose of.

These memories were triggered by Zoe this week, who wrote on our Facebook group “I’m having a clear out and have found lots of old partly used rubbers (erasers). I don’t want or need them – what can I do with them?”

I had a peek around the internet for ideas and some of our members came up with some suggestions:

Donate to school or kids club

Lyn’s initial thought was to donate to a primary school.

With budgets being cut left, right and centre, I’m sure they would appreciate these, and if not, an after school kids club might welcome them.

Protect from sharp blades

Katherine and Hollie could see a great way to benefit art students with their health and safety idea. Hollie wrote “I use scalpels with my art and design work and use a couple to jam on the end of a blade to stop accidents.”

Turn into rubber stamps

Aly came up with a fun idea. She suggested “Turn them into rubber stamps.Draw your design, carve and et voil√†.”

Stop doors slamming

On my internet travels somebody suggested keeping half used erasers for anywhere you might need a small piece of rubber e.g. to stop a door slamming into something or between a wooden toy box lid and base to protect little fingers.

What about you? How do you reuse or upcycle old erasers?

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  1. Ilovecrafting on July 5, 2019 at 10:16 pm

    You can use them as decoration.You can cut out letters and shapes but in stead of making stamps you can put them in tables or put them on the walls.I did this and its cute but it can be hard to cut the eraser.The best way to cut an eraser is with a box knife.

  2. Anonymous on July 2, 2021 at 8:07 pm

    Neat! But do kneaded erasers really rub off like normal ones? I thought they lasted until they dried out- and there’s even a way to fix that! I still don’t see why they would need to be reused…

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