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4 zero waste or plastic free toothbrushes you should consider

plastic free toothbrushWelcome to the third part of my ‘zero waste shopping list’ series.

You’ve sniffed my pits and agreed plastic-free deodorants can work and we’ve taken a look at plastic free toothpaste.

Over on our Facebook Events page, Mary said “I am wondering is there an alternative to plastic toothbrushes, or a toothbrush that lasts indefinitely?”

Here are some suggestions:

Reduce – replace just the head

I use one from a company called Monte Bianco where all I have to do is replace the head. It’s a bit like using a replaceable razor – you get to keep the handle and just replace the bristles!

I’ve noticed that they’ve just started selling fully biodegradable & compostable toothbrush heads too – I haven’t had chance to look into them but they’re worth checking out.

Compost it with bamboo

One of the first ‘zero waste’ toothbrushes I tried was a bamboo one. The idea is that after use you compost the whole thing. Or, if you have an open fire, just go ahead and burn it!

Jo shared that she was just in the process of opening an online store selling reusable and natural products for the whole family to help solve the problem of household waste. And guess what? She’ll be stocking bamboo toothbrushes. Find her website here with heaps of ideas for reducing your waste from cloth kitchen roll to alternatives to clingfilm.


Mr Green favours an electric toothbrush. As you might be aware, anything with a battery or a plug on it is WEEE which should be recycled accordingly and NOT landfilled. So Mr G recycles his toothbrushes in the small WEEE recycling skip at our local household centre.

Chew on a stick

Dogs and rabbits do it and some humans do it too. Twigs from either the neem tree or ‘Miswak’ (otherwise known as the toothbrush tree) will keep your gnashers in top condition. And after use? Well chuck it in a hedge somewhere I guess!

You can buy Miswak from the lovely Sally at Natural Spa Supplies.

What about you – any other suggestions to add to the list?

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  1. Avatar Sarah on January 19, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Preserve make toothbrushes out of recycled plastic.

    Please send any old plastic toothbrushes to:

    Preserve Gimme 5
    823 State Route 13
    NY 13045-6574

    There is an address label (not pre-paid unfortunately) you can print off on their website.

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