6 ways to reuse broad bean pods!

Welcome to day 5 of Zero Waste Week 2016.

A friend shared his glut of broad beans with me recently.

I dutifully blanched and froze my wonderful harvest and reckon I’ll have enough beans to last me an entire year!

I created a couple of carrier bags of pods and was just about to compost / feed to the chickens when I wondered whether I was throwing away something edible.

As this year’s Zero Waste Week is all about reducing food waste, I asked our Facebook community whether I was missing a trick. Should I be doing something wonderful with the bean pods? Was there a new ‘favourite meal’ in the making? As ever, our community of Zero Heroes did not disappoint:

Broad Bean pod wine

John wrote “I *think* you can make wine from them, but it’s a decade since I brewed, so I’m not sure. ”

I’ll be looking into that one for sure – what a fantastic suggestion!

Broad bean pod stew

Helen went on a trip down memory lane. She shared “My mum used to cook them in a tomato sauce, they were delicious Towards the end of the season they got a bit stringy which wasn’t so pleasant. But they are yummy cooked!” She went on to say that her Mum fried some onion and garlic, added the tomatoes, bean pods and herbs and simmered until tender.

Eat as they are

Although she admitted large pods could be a bit furry / stringy, Karen wrote “The young ones I cook whole – so pods and beans in one!”

Make Stock

Alex wrote “You can freeze them until you are ready to make stock.”

Roast them

Jen says ” I roast/bake broad beans whole or snip them up and saut√© them. They are fine to eat apart from the ‘strings’ running down either side!”

Broad Bean pod fritters

Yep, they’re a thing! Sheena shared this Abel and Cole recipe for fritters with me.

I’ll never view this ‘food waste’ in the same way again!

What about you – what do you do with broad bean pods?


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Rachelle Strauss

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  1. Marla on September 12, 2020 at 10:44 pm

    Can I pickle broad beans in the shell??

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