7 (Zero Waste) Ways to Find the Perfect Christmas Outfit

Seven Zero Waste ways to find the perfect Christmas outfit]The average person gets invited to several Christmas parties each year.

With magazines, models, marketing and the media telling us we need to wear something different each time, what is a Zero Waster to do?

Here are seven ways to find that perfect outfit without wasting money or resources.

Shop in your wardrobe

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, why not update a plain black work dress and take it from the boardroom to the bar?

You could shorten a hemline, reshape a neckline, alter the sleeves, or embellish with lace or sequins to turn it into something that is unique.

Second hand dress agency

Second hand dress agencies are a fantastic way to get your hands on clothes you might not otherwise be able to afford.

Some agencies specialise in designer clothes, others opt for vintage, while others go with high end. Generally it’s a brilliant way to find something a bit different or one off. Find your nearest agency here.

eBay and charity

I must admit, these are my two favourite ways to shop. I love the idea of supporting a charity or helping someone just like you or me by putting some money into their bank account.

There’s nothing quite like the joy of finding that perfect item when you least expect it. Visit the charity retail association to find your nearest charity shop.


If you’ve been invited to a posh do, but you’re more of a jeans person, then hiring an outfit is ideal. You can usually borrow an outfit for a few days and get back your deposit when you return everything in good condition.

The beauty of hiring is you can get shoes, bags and every accessory you might want, all under one roof.


A swishing party is a fun and sociable way to get new clothes. Each person swaps a ticket for every item they don’t want, and can use their tickets to ‘purchase’ new items.

The clothes you hate could be someone else’s favourite! Maybe your ugly scarf is the winter layering piece another person has been looking all over for.

Make swishing part of your Christmas celebrations with glasses of fizz and nibbles.


As a teen, we constantly borrowed each other’s stuff – whether it was makeup, books, games and yes, homework, we shared it. And clothes were no different.

With very little disposable income between us, borrowing seemed the obvious thing to do. Why not have a rummage in the wardrobe of close friends and relatives?

Recycle your outfit

The most cost effective and resource friendly outfit of all, is the one you already own. You don’t have to give into marketing hype and can simply wear a favourite outfit again and again.

I was fascinated by the Uniform Project where the creator wore the same dress for 365 days. Take a look at her blog for inspiration. And there are many well known people who wear the same clothes day in and day out. Mark Zuckerberg has his grey t-shirts, Steve Jobs had his famous black turtleneck, and Barack Obama wore a blue or grey suit nearly every day of his presidency.  It reduces stress and is one less decision to make. As the average woman spends ONE YEAR of her life deciding what to wear, it seems a good choice to me!

What have I missed? How have you reduced waste and found that perfect outfit?


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