7 ways to stop bananas going to waste

Welcome to day three of Zero Waste Week 2016! Bananas are reported to be our most loved fruit and also our most wasted.

So I asked our community what they do when their bananas get browned off.

Here’s what they said:

Eat the peel

Jasmin reminded us we could eat the peel. She freezes the whole banana, including the skin then blitzes it into ice cream!

Ice cream

We had several recipes for banana ice cream, including this one from MariaI peel them, cut them and freeze. I put frozen bananas and yogurt/coconut milk/ almond milk/ tahini (or whatever else I have) in the blender and make homemade ice cream.

Banana bread

We also had several recommendation for banana bread; here’s what Farn puts in hers :

80g butter (if you’re short on butter/want fat free cake you can add an extra banana and leave this out)
3-4 really ripe bananas (4-5 if not using butter)
vanilla extract
180g muscovado sugar
1 egg
225g self raising flour
1 tsp baking soda.

I’m guessing you beat it all together and bake until golden!

Make savoury meals creamy

Farn also shared this tip “they can be mashed and added to curries and chilis to add a creamy taste/texture.

Oaty banana bites

Annie shared her recipe “Allow a dessertspoon of honey for each soft banana & mash them together, then add oats until you can form small balls. Bake for 15 minutes at Gas 5. I like to add cinnamon & coconut.

Barbecue them

Lyn shared “Chuck them on the BBQ with their skins on. Let them go black and then peel and serve with cream, ice cream or yoghurt. Yummy.

Banana butties

Cait wrote ” Butter some bread, mash the banana and spread it on the butty like jam. Fold and eat.”

Three intriguing recipes

Here are three recipes for eating banana peels in this video:

Feed the butterflies

If all else fails and they won’t be reaching a human stomach in your household, I learned this on Twitter!


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