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Blog and Latest Zero Waste News

When life presents you with food waste

This week I read that supermarket chain, Tesco, has pledged to reduce the amount of food wasted as part of its corporate responsibility report 2013. They reckon they will do this by no longer encouraging customers to buy large amount of food with a short life; such as Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers…

How to reduce landfill waste

Up in Scotland, Falkirk is to become the first council in the UK to have residents’ main household bins collected once every three weeks The aim is to increase recycling and reduce landfill.

Welcome to Zero Waste Week 2013

Hi and welcome to our new site. For the previous five years, we’ve run zero waste week over on the My Zero Waste website. This year, however, we’ve given zero waste week a home of its own with this brand new site which we hope you like!