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Food waste Friday – Week 4

Welcome to the fourth “Food waste Friday”! It’s that time of the week when I keep myself accountable by publicly confessing to food waste that is past its best.

Custard soup anyone? 10 ways to recycle your food

Once I had made a confession over on our Facebook community about sneaking uneaten jacket potato skins into the following day’s soup, they were all at it, sharing the gruesome details of some of the food they have ‘recycled’ at home. Here’s a roundup of what you’ve eaten:

Reduce food waste by eating out of date food?

One of our zero heroes wrote to me asking about tinned food. She’d pledged to ferret through her kitchen cupboards and use up all those old packets and tins during zero waste week to reduce food waste.

Potato Soup

This recipe is great for those remaining few potatoes and vegetables in the bin .. and for the last bits of rice and lentils in your pantry. The recipe can be easily adapted for leftover veggies making it a perfect way to eliminate food waste … simply adjust the cooking times.

Food waste Friday – week 3

Welcome to Food Waste Friday. Originally inspired by Kristen, at The Frugal Girl, I’m back on the bandwagon of photographing my food waste for the world to see.

Reduce food waste by growing food!

A great way to reduce food waste, food miles and avoid packaging is to grow your own food. Easy if you have an allotment or large garden, but what if you’re a busy city dweller living in a high-rise apartment?

Banana Pudding

This is a great way to use up a brown banana before it goes off. We love it! It’s filling, very tasty and – healthy too!

Egg Fried Rice

A tasty easy recipe that uses leftovers of any sort to make a quick dish that’s filling. You can add fruit, veg or whatever.

How to tell others about zero waste week 2013

We’re all set up and raring to go with zero waste week 2013. Our theme is “Use it up!” where you are encouraged to think out food waste.

Food waste Friday take 2

Last week I got back on the Food Waste Friday bandwagon with Kristen, the Frugal Girl. And what a good job I did.