Zero Waste Week 2013 – day six; we’re rewriting the dictionary!

Welcome to day six of zero waste week.

How have you got on this week? There’s only the weekend to go and I’m wondering if that makes it easier or more complicated for you to manage food waste.

Today I want you to adopt a cross legged pose and join me in a mantra that will change your culinary lives forever.

Are you ready? I know you are!

Here goes:

There’s no such thing as leftovers, there are only ingredients“.

Easy huhn?

Combine that with threats to your family of “You’ll find it in your soup!” and regular CORN (clear our refrigerator now!) nights and you’ll never have food waste ever again!

Now do you know what our zero waste community waste lots of?


Scientists have calculated that the 360,000 tonnes of waste milk that is poured down British drains each year creates greenhouse gases equivalent to that emitted in a year by 20,000 cars.

So no more throwing it down the sink my friends.

Let’s get stuck in with some ideas to use up the white stuff:

  • Freeze it and buy yourself some time
  • Grab some fruit and the end of that carton of milk and make a smoothie for breakfast
  • Give your kids a lunchbox treat with individual portions of custard, rice pudding or blancmange
  • Make a white sauce and liven up your vegetables.
  • Make pancakes – everyone’s favourite comfort food.

What mantras do you use to reduce food waste at home? And how do you use up all that milk in the fridge?

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