How to reduce business food waste

business food waste first mile easy recyclingWe’ve got a lot of businesses signed up to zero waste week this year.

From local authorities to small family run businesses, the topic of food waste is hot…

Today, Sarah from First Mile is here to tell us how to reduce business food waste – these tips apply to householders as well; just scale down!

The UK generates over 16 million tonnes of food waste every year, costing an estimated £22 billion.*

Every business in the UK produces food waste which commonly goes to landfill or for incineration. Reducing food waste can massively improve a business’s environmental credibility by reducing the need for general waste services.

There are many ways businesses can reduce the amount of food waste they produce. We’ve come up with some tips below to help reduce food waste in your workplace.

How to reduce business food waste

• Set a target – Setting reduction targets will encourage workers to reach lower levels of waste.

• Review portion sizes – Encourage staff to review their portions sizes at lunch. Any surplus servings can be stored in the fridge or freezer for another day.

• Tackle leftovers – Use leftovers to create something new. For example, leftover fruit can be blended to make breakfast smoothies for the office.

• Recycle it! – Implement a food recycling service for the small amounts of food waste that are left.

Once levels of food waste have been reduced, implementing a food recycling service can boost recycling rates and ensure zero waste is sent to landfill. When recycled, food waste is sent for digestion at an anaerobic digestion plant and used to create electricity and a nutrient rich fertiliser.


First Mile is an award-winning commercial recycling company and provides recycling services to over 10,000 businesses in London. First Mile was awarded Innovator of the Year at the CBI Growing Business Awards and was Recycling Business of the Year at last year’s awards.

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