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GENeco zero waste week business heroDuring Zero Waste Week we’re meeting some amazing businesses who are reducing the amount sent to landfill by taking part in the week.

Today we’re talking to GENeco; a subsidiary company of Wessex Water who are banning the bin for Zero Waste Week. Find out more…
Who are you?

GENeco is an award winning recycling and renewable energy company, and a subsidiary company of Wessex Water.

Our services range from food and liquid waste treatment and recycling to the composting of difficult-to-treat biodegradable material.

As a company, we currently generate 45GWh of renewable energy from food waste and sewage sludge; enough electricity to power 14,000 homes.

bin the bin geneco zero waste week hero

How many of you work at GENeco?

The company has 60 employees, with around 20 working in our head office.

What inspired you to take part in Zero Waste Week?

As a business, we have zero waste to landfill status; however, we’re always looking for new ideas to reduce our waste profile as a company, and as individuals.

What is your Zero Waste Week pledge?

For Zero Waste Week we pledge to ‘bin the bin’.

What is the motivation for your pledge?

Removing small bins from individual offices removes the easy option of sending rubbish straight to landfill, and encourages people to consider the best method of disposal for each type of waste. This initiative also highlights just how much waste one person produces in a day!

What are some of the things you do on a day-to-day basis to reduce landfill waste?

  • All kitchen areas contain segregated recycling points for plastics, cardboard, Tetra Pak juice cartons and food.
  • We try to find recycling avenues for difficult-to-handle waste such as latex lab gloves and coffee-maker pods through Terracycle.
  • Our administrative processes are being streamlined to eliminate the need for printing and stapling of everyday documents.
  • Packaging from items we receive in the post is re-used in our outgoing mail.
  • We have shunned water coolers in favour of the old-fashioned tap.

What one tip would you give to other businesses that are inspired to reduce their landfill waste but don’t know where to start?

Get to know your bin. What types of waste do people throw away? Try and figure out if the material can be recycled and if so, find out how you can make it easier for people to do this as part of their everyday activities.


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