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ricardo-aea-recepetion-zero-waste-week-heroDuring Zero Waste Week we’re meeting some amazing businesses who are reducing the amount sent to landfill by taking part in the week.

Today we’re talking to Ricardo-AEA who have an innovative idea for reducing paper waste! Find out more…

Who are you?

Ricardo-AEA is an internationally-renowned consultancy with world-leading energy and environmental expertise.

We help both the public sector and organisations around the world to resolve their challenges and recognise opportunities in energy and climate change, air quality, sustainable environments, resource efficiency, waste management, chemical risk and sustainable transport.


How many of you work at Ricardo-AEA?

400 people work for Ricardo-AEA across 6 sites in the UK.

What inspired you to take part in Zero Waste Week?

We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and are keen to follow the same advice we provide to clients.

Zero Waste Week provides the ideal opportunity to communicate with our staff about the progress we’ve made, while raising awareness of further improvements we can make in the office and at home.

What is your Zero Waste Week pledge?

To raise staff awareness of the concept and benefits of a zero waste lunch, and to reduce our paper waste by turning off the printers for a day per week!

What is the motivation for your pledge?

Primarily, we want to raise awareness that food is a significant part of the waste we send to landfill every day at work, which will help staff prepare for the zero waste lunch day we have planned for later in the year. It will also help to re-motivate the staff that we can talk the talk and walk the walk as environmental advisors.

What are some of the things you do on a day-to-day basis to reduce landfill waste?

  • Recycle card, glass, cans and plastic from the offices
  • Purchase items in bulk to reduce packaging, and we select recycled content items to ensure we help close the loop
  • Removed the bins under each desk and replaced them with one central bin in each open office area so there is less incentive to produce waste, encouraging people to think about what they have and to segregate it effectively on the way to the central rubbish and recycling bins
  • Set all computers to print on both sides and only print when the person is at the printer
  • Office ‘clothes swap’ events for unwanted clothes each quarter – particularly popular post Christmas!

What one tip would you give to other businesses that are inspired to reduce their landfill waste but don’t know where to start?

Engage with staff; involve them in the process and make it fun! Work out what waste you produce, focus on these priority streams and target the areas with the largest impact – kitchen etc. Report back on progress to keep everyone involved!

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