I am not a poster boy for Zero Waste

carl pratt - future planet - writing for zero waste week

For the final post in our ‘Dudes against Destruction’ series, Carl tells us why he isn’t a poster boy for zero Waste and more about his aspirations.

Here’s Carl:

Writing this post caused me to pause for thought. I am not a poster boy for Zero Waste.  I would term myself as an aspirational minimal waste person. I am modest, yet my lifestyle is far from perfect. For me zero waste is inspirational and aspirational. I often forget my reusable cup, last week I lost my treasured red metal water bottle at Wilderness Festival, sometimes I just really want to eat Salt and Vinegar Walkers with my daughter.

Yet, I am hugely passionate about creating an inclusive, sustainable future for us all. My passion project is FuturePlanet, a platform and community with the purpose of enabling us all to come together and create an inclusive, sustainable future.

Each of us has the power to make a difference wherever we work, whatever we do, we can have an impact on the future of the planet. Particularly when we work together, when small individual changes and single voices join together to create an unstoppable force.

My greatest strength comes from my friends, from those around me. It is when Catherine from Unpackaged brings a reusable cup to our meetings for me to use. When my friend Joey gifts me a little wooden spork. It is the stories that we share in the Zero Waste Heros group, it is the support  that we give each other.

In turn, I share my support with others, this weekend I was at Shambala Festival, supporting ‘Less Mess’ on a pilot to provide reusable plates for Shambala Festival and beyond. Next week, FuturePlanet will champion sustainable change makers who are working within businesses and organisations. Helping them to connect with a community of people that can support them to make change happen faster.

It is my belief that we need to support each other, if we are citizens or consumers, then we need to work with changemakers in organisations, brands and companies to create the products and services that we need to live a sustainable lifestyle. Support our friends to make little changes, championing products and services that can help them on their journey to be more zero waste in different parts of their lives.

My approach is to be positive and empathetic, I know how difficult it is to run my own life, let alone having to think thoroughly about every aspect of my impact on the planet. It takes time to change habits. We need to hear encouragement and have empowering information readily available, so we can make informed decisions.

Change also needs to start within, so on that note the most appropriate thing for me to do is to make a pledge – and welcome you to do the same. My pledge is to replace my reusable water bottle, to invest in a reusable cup, to be more conscious about where I purchase the things I need in my life.

Do you have any other recommendations for me? What will you choose to pledge?

Please join me and the FuturePlanet community. Together we can be a powerful movement for positive change.


My name is Carl, I am father to a beautiful daughter, Matilda, who loves making slime and watching you tube videos. She is very supportive of my passion for sustainability but occasionally will say things like ‘Daaaaaaad, not everyone cares about this as much as you do!’

Sadly, she is right, yet my belief is that if all of us that do care join together, then we can create a future planet that we would be proud and happy to hand to our children.

I am the founder of FuturePlanet, a community and platform who’s purpose is to accelerate our transition to an inclusive, sustainable future.

The intention is to do that through personal and collective action. Firstly by inspiring and empowering people towards conscious, sustainable lifestyles. With the collective goal of 1%of the global population, paying £10 per month to solve challenges that are beyond governments and business alone.


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