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Cars, Bras and Brassicas – a story about habits and waste

cars-bras-and-brassicas zero waste talk with Anna Pitt

Mahwe believe that our environment exerts a great influence over us. They believe in creating environments that make life better and they do this by building communities based around personal development.

They bring together like-minded people to to learn, explore, share and support one another.

Anna was approached to speak at the Abingdon Mahwe group for a thoughtful talk and discussion about how we can adopt more helpful habits to reduce our impact on our planet.

Her signature talk – Cars, bras and brassicas – focuses on the importance of reducing food waste and had attendees buying copies of her book “Leftover Pie: 101 ways to reduce food waste” and fired up ready to stop food waste for good!

“Great to listen to your talk last night.
It really made me think about my waste footprint.  I thought I was doing OK but will look into doing even more to minimise waste.” Luiza – attendee.
Do you need an inspiring talk for your staff members? Read more about how we help businesses achieve their waste goals or contact us for details.


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