Ten cheeky cherry recipes

This week I managed to get some delicious fresh cherries from our local organic farm shop.

But you know how it is – life tends to get in the way of some of your plans.

I woke up one morning just knowing I had that day to “Use ’em up!” otherwise they’d be heading off to the compost heap; like the did the other week.

I asked our fantastic zero heroes over on our Facebook Events page what their ideas for cherry recipes would be and here are their suggestions!


This is simple and easy and my recipe of choice. My smoothie contains half a punnet of cherries, an apple, half an avocado and a cup of soy milk.


Sarah suggested Cherry crumble or apple and cherry pie! Don’t mind if I do!


I’m not a great jam maker, but Sarah suggested making cherry jam. “By mixing with other fruit you’ll get a couple of jars” she told me.

Clare suggested a raw version by blitzing the cherries with a little cinnamon or lemon juice then storing in the fridge for a raw jam.


Iris suggested Clafoutis, which bought back memories as it’s one of the first things I learned to make at school. A clafoutis is a classic French dessert with fruit of your choice in a rich eggy batter; it’s simple and quick to make and helps use up a glut of eggs too.


Joy suggested putting them in pancakes. With a drizzle of maple syrup I think she might be onto a good thing!


Can you imagine delicious, warm-from-the-oven scones with cherries in the mix? This was Sally’s suggestion and I think she’s onto a winner!


Helen’s idea was for coulis. I can imagine that drizzled over the top of a light cheesecake or poured over a tall glass of icecream to refresh the palate.


Jane’s and Baerbel’s suggestion was for a victoria sandwich layered with cherries and whipped cream. Divine!


A twist on the theme of cakes, Erica recommended a cherry upside down cake.


Two of our zero heroes; Claire and Antje preferred the simple solution – they believe cherries are for eating, just as they are.

Over to you – what would you do with half a punnet of cherries to prevent food waste?


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