Did you make the most of your turkey?

The festivities are behind us and what remains of the turkey carcass is in the food waste bin ready for collection.  But we made sure we got the most out of it first.

We have a lot of people to feed over Christmas and New Year and our turkey was a big beast, weighing in at 8 1/2 kilos.  It fed 15 on Christmas Day as the main event for lunch.  Then 15 of us again had turkey and stuffing sandwiches in the evening.  On Boxing Day, we fed 22 along with an array of salads and, of course, bubble and squeak, so before I even started stripping off the carcass we’d made 52 meals from our noble bird.

But then it was time to see what else we could get from it.  As you can see we did a pretty good job of using up the breast meat and the yellow plate shows all I could scrape together – just enough for a couple more turkey sandwiches if you go easy on the turkey and heavy on the stuffing!

There was plenty of dark meat left though, which is ideal for curry and stews.  We went with the curry option.  The first pass had the accompaniment of Brussel sprouts – which may have seemed an unusual choice of veg for a curry, but was delicious.  This did dinner for 6 on 27th.  The rest went in the fridge for making more curry to stock up the freezer.  The curry is now made and we have 10 portions in the freezer so that the daughters can take some back to uni with them and we will have a few portions too.  This curry was bulked out with lots of sweet veg like parsnip, carrot and butternut squash to make sure everything was used up, and then I added in some red lentils to make it go further.  A few other little surprises in there were the cooking water from making candied citrus peel and a rinse out of the remains of a jar of sweet chilli sauce.  I’m looking forward to that turkey curry very much.

Once the meat was entirely stripped from the bones, we popped the carcass and the skin and knobbly bits and pieces of joints and tendon and all that into a huge stock pot and covered it with water.  We added in some onion peel from the onion I used in the curry, plus the tops and tails of the carrots, parsnips and the butternut squash peel.  Mr Pitt has been making daily soups for us and I’ve put some ready for the freezer, plus plenty more for tomorrow.  My estimate is 22 bowls of soup consumed so far, and another 15 bowls full ready for the freezer.  Have I totted this up correctly? … our turkey has made 105 portions of food over the week.  That is what I call making good use of the turkey.

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