Eats, shoots and strawberry leaves

Welcome to the first day of Zero Waste Week 2016! We’re focusing on reducing food waste.
Over on Facebook, Ali asked what she could do with strawberry leaves. Something many of us cut out and throw away.

The answers were surprising – here’s what people came up with:

Add to smoothies

The most popular answer was to add them to smoothies – it adds useful fibre and is a simple way to use them up!

Feed to pets

Apparently, some of the Zero Hero’s dogs love to eat them! Other passionate food waste reducers feed them to their chickens.


If you don’t have animals willing to eat them, your garden worms will happily get to work. Add strawberry tops to your compost heap or wormery.

Eat them!

Don’t want to feed them to the dogs, worms or compost? Apparently strawberry leaves are perfectly edible by humans as they are and have some great health benefits. I guess you could add them to salads like a herb? Cait suggests just eating them whole for dessert (which reminds me of my Grandma who used to eat every part of the apple apart from the stalk!)

Garden birds

According to Melissa, whenever she puts strawberry leaves out for her fathered friends they get quickly taken – it seems the birds can’t get enough of them.

Fruit water

You know those expensive bottles of fruit flavoured water sold in supermarkets? Not only are they usually filled with artificial flavourings and sweeteners, but bottled drinks isn’t top of the Zero Waster’s shopping list. By seeping you strawberry tops in water for an hour you can make your own refreshing infused water – it’s natural and a great zero waste idea!

Fruit tea

Herbal tea bags are another product many of us buy. Why not dry the strawberry tops and use to make your own infusion?

What about you – do you have any great idea for using up strawberry tops?


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