Euler Hermes run their Zero Waste & Plastic Free week

Euler Hermes are a b2b insurance company. Their Northern Europe Region has 1400 employees who can voluntarily participate in ‘Learning Fridays’; which covers a wide range of topical issues.

The company were running their own Zero Waste & Plastic Free week at the end of November. The aim of the week was to encourage people to waste less during lock down whilst working from home. They invited us to run a 1 hour webinar to engage staff and to share practical tips.

Each participant was challenged to make a small pledge to reduce waste. An obstacle we’ve identified to behaviour change is people not understanding the positive impact their small changes can make. Anna crunched the numbers and showed everyone some of the figures in order to motivate and inspire staff that yes, it was worth making the effort, no matter how huge the threat of climate change might seem. They discussed lots of ‘quick wins’ with the goal of boosting morale and enabling staff to feel they can be part of the solution.

Euler Hermes are already promoting CSR, with a particular focus on environmental protection, and steps are being made to embody sustainability into the daily life of their business.



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