Five ways to recycle and reuse wooden products

Tammy emailed me this week. She wrote:

“I would like to know about how to dispose of wood related items if I’m not going to reuse them.

What will the recycling center do with them? e.g. bamboo toothbrush or wood branches from the garden or a wood tray?”

Here’s five ideas for recycling wood if you can’t reuse it:

Household Recycling Centre

Do you have wood recycling at your local centre? Each centre will have its own ways of dealing with recyclates.

I would *guess* that wooden items are shredded and put into the garden waste for composting; so they become something people can use as a soil improver. But to be sure you’d have to call your local centre.


Can you compost at home? That way you *know* your old wood is going to good use. Chop big branches up or hire a shredder before adding to the compost heap.

One man’s trash

Another idea is to offer wooden branches on a local Freecycle group. People like me would pick them up and use them on a woodburner to heat our home and water. Or allotment people might pick them up and let them rot into the soil to provide shelter for animals, to encourage natural predators to keep pests away from their crops.


Wooden trays will probably be snapped up by someone who is creative with materials and may end up used in a piece of art!

Get cleaning!

An old toothbrush is brilliant for cleaning those hard to reach, small areas, like around the taps (faucets) or grout between tiles. I always have a couple in my cleaning kit.

What about you – how do you reuse wooden items when there is no way to recycle them?


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