Food waste Friday – week 3

Welcome to Food Waste Friday.

Originally inspired by Kristen, at The Frugal Girl, I’m back on the bandwagon of photographing my food waste for the world to see.


Well it raises my conscience and helps keep me accountable.

It helps me realise how much food I’m wasting, how much money I’m throwing away and every time I see it, take it out the fridge or cupboard and phorograph it, rather than simply throw it into a bin bag, the compost heap or food waste caddy it makes me stop and think.

Am I buying the same thing over and over that gets wasted?

Am I buying too much of something?

Am I over cooking?

It helps keep these questions in mind so you can make an informed choice and put better habits into place.

This week I have something I wasn’t even sure was actually waste.

It’s a pack of tofu past its best before date.

Usually I laugh in the face of best before dates. I’ll happily eat yogurt past the date and all manner of other things, but I just wasn’t sure about tofu.

I don’t eat it that often (it’s one of those aspiration foods if I’m honest; I feel I *should* eat it, but I often buy it and end up tossing it *gasp*)

I think familiarity breeds confidence – I eat yogurt most days so I know if it’s bad. Likewise other things, but I just felt outside my comfort zone with the tofu, so into the compost it went:

food waste friday tofu

My second item is a bag of kale. I eat a lot of kale in a week – around two or three bags and I always add it to soup. Last week I seemed to be eating for England and a bowl of soup just wasn’t reaching the point with me so I was eating a couple of cooked meals a day and the kale got pushed to the back of the fridge.

When my ‘must eat soup’ craving came back on line, I was faced with this:

food waste friday kale 1

Take a closer look at our slimy friend:

food waste friday kale 2

That too ended up in the compost heap, but not before a clothes peg had been put on my nose 😉

What about you – any food waste to report this week or anything that needs using up today that you’d like recipe ideas for? And what about you tofu experts out there; how far past the ‘best before’ date would you go?food

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  1. Live and Learn-Toss and Turn on July 5, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Mrs, Green, thanks for visiting my blog. Zero Waste week is an interesting idea. It should bring attention to the practical idea of not wasting food among other things.

    I’m glad that I didn’t get to smell your kale before it went to the compost bin. Kale is pretty strong even when it’s fresh, so it must pretty stinky when it turns slimy. I don’t know the answer about tofu, but I have read that yogurt is good for 3 weeks after its sell by date.

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