Food waste Friday – Week 7

Inspired by The Frugal Girl, every week I take part in Food Waste Friday where I post up photos of food I’m wasting.

This week it’s the butter fingers edition

Our lovely hens have been laying like troppers, despite two of them going broody.

It’s an interesting thing when you get close to the amount of energy, time and attention that goes into producing food.

I’m far less likely to waste food I’ve grown myself, for example.

And it’s the same with the eggs our girls lay for us.

I feel so full of gratitude, I know how much food, natural medicines, water, love and care the chickens have had.

I hear them in the nesting box announcing the arrival of a new egg.

So I’m meticulous about dating and rotating the eggs to ensure there is zero food waste.

Except this week, one escaped my fingers and ended up on the (unwashed) floor.

Food waste friday smashed egg

I dropped one the other week and would you believe it rolled, edge ways right across the floor into the dining room, where it stopped – complete and perfect!

Sadly this one fell on its side and as you can see it smashed.


What about you – did you create any food waste this week?

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  1. Live and Learn-Toss and Turn on August 2, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    I’m glad the “girls” didn’t see you waste their egg. 🙂 I had not waste this week, although we have a lot of tomatoes that are hard to keep up with.

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