Check before you chuck and stop wasting food with this free printable

You know all about my passion for reducing food waste by now.

It seems such a no-brainer to me as it’s so simple to tackle.

If you don’t waste food you save money as well as helping preserve all the valuable resources that are embedded in food such as water and fuel for transportation.

And with food poverty being such a big issue at the moment, it just makes you FEEL BETTER to be making the most of what you have.

Fill bellies not bins I say…

Confusion about food safety

But there is a lot of confusion about food safety.

I have to admit I’m a bit gung ho and OVER confident about using things up.

Fortunately nobody has been poisoned yet 😉

One of the biggest confusions is around Best Before dates.

But it’s really quite simple:

Best before and use by dates

‘Use by’ dates are the only ones you need to adhere to from a safety perspective. You’ll find these on meat and prepared salads.

‘Best Before’ is a quality, NOT safety, guideline found on tins and packets. Food after this date might lose colour, flavour or texture but it’s still safe to eat if you’ve stored it properly.

The Money Saving Expert have created a free printable food saving memo which is simple and to the point.

Free printable to stop food waste

It reminds you to “check before you chuck” so you’re not throwing food and money away.

Now I know it’s not very green but why not print it off and stick on your fridge because the amount you reduce your food waste might just be worth one sheet of paper and ink. Here’s the link. As long as you don’t laminate it and you select the black and white option I won’t tell anyone!

I’d probably go a step further from the idea of ‘bin it’ for foods that are beyond their ‘Use By’ date and suggest it goes into your council food waste caddy. If your council doesn’t collect food why not invest in a bokashi bin? You’ll get free fertiliser for your houseplants, a useful addition to your compost heap to help accelerate the process AND a fantastic safe drain cleaner!

What about you – what resources do you use to help prevent food waste?

difference between best before and use by dates

Can you spare a moment to help me?

Hot 100 resource magazine time to vote!

Last year I was number 11 in the ‘Hot 100’ for the movers and shakers in the recycling world.

And it’s time to vote again!

If you click here, or on the image above, scroll down to number 11 (that’s me – Rachelle Strauss) then click ‘vote’ – a box will appear where you can write the reason for your nomination. I’d love you to vote for me; just a short sentence will do!

Thanks so much!

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