Grab a box; it’s time to declutter – Zero Waste Week day 6

Procrastinating about decluttering?

Never fear; Mrs Whiplash of the landfill is here!

Today is the day to grab some boxes – we’re going to declutter WITHOUT creating landfill waste.

Come on, there are thousands of people across the world doing the same today, so you’re not alone, you can do this.

Imagine them all cheering you on as you pull out those piles of unloved things and finally release them.

Believe me, I know how tempting it is to throw everything into a black bag or even hire a skip – I live with a hoarder – but let’s see how little we can throw away today.

Some things are inevitable landfill, but it’s surprising how much you can salvage with some savvy tricks up your sleeve.

Here are eight tips for getting rid of stuff- please share yours in the comments below!

For rehoming virtually anything

  • Freecycle or Freegle – I’ve rehomed out of date tins of food, neglected houseplants and old kids toys.
  • Streetbank – similar to Freecycle but you can also swap skills and lend things.

Half used toiletries and bedding

  • Women’s refuge / homeless shelters – blankets, toiletries (they’ll accept half used ones), books and magazines, clothes, bedding, furniture, art work.

Chemicals and WEEE

  • Local recycling centre – check Recycle Now to find out what you can recycle locally – you should find areas for household chemicals, lightbulbs, WEEE (anything that needs a plug or batteries).

Old animal supplies

  • Animal shelters – blankets, towels, pillows, cat and dog beds, carriers, toys, bowls – a great way to ‘pay it forward’ if one of your own animals dies…

Plastic stuff without a home

  • Preschools or playgroups – toys, art and craft supplies including things like margarine or ice cream¬† tubs, oversized T-shirts for paint smocks, unbreakable kitchenware, musical instruments.


  • Contact your local Emmaus for details.


  • Community RePaint schemes collect reusable, leftover paint and re-distribute it to individuals, families, communities and charities in need. Find your nearest place to donate.

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