Helping Oxfordshire residents get the most out of their Christmas turkey

anna pitt from zero waste week works with oxfordshire county council residents to reduce food wasteOxfordshire County Council ran a campaign to encourage Oxford residents make the most of their food over Christmas.

They asked Anna to put together a series of videos called “Anna Pitt’s Christmas Tips!” with ideas and hints for getting the most out of Christmas food.

In this first video, Anna shared some excellent tips including the advice her butcher had given her about fridge temperatures, the ONE thing that you can add to any leftover food to turn it into a meal and she shared that she made over 130 meals from last year’s turkey!


In this video, Anna shares a sneaky tip for using up Stilton rind:

In this one, Anna tells us how she gets the most out of her freezer both after and before Christmas:

And in this one, you’ll learn that not even peels get wasted in Anna’s house, they get turned into delicious snacks:

Here’s what Waste Strategy Projects Officer, Becky Kenton-Lake said:

We know that Christmas results in a huge increase in the amount of food wasted, so wanted to produce some short videos with tips on how you can reduce this and make your food go further. Anna Pitt was very well placed to be able to feature in these as she volunteers for our Replenish project, talking to the community about how to reduce food waste, and has written books and blogs on the topic. Anna has endless practical and easy tips for reducing waste and is aware of the need to pitch messages correctly for the audience.

If your local authority needs help with encouraging residents to reduce household waste, read more about the work we do or contact us for details.

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