How to keep avocados from turning brown

One of my favourite foods is avocado.

I’ll put half a large avocado in my morning smoothie which I then sip between breakfast and lunch.

I’ll eat avocado mashed on crackers for a snack.

I’ll mash it on a plate with tomatoes, garlic and onion for an instant guacamole that is the perfect accompaniment to a jacket potato or plate of rice.

Diced with roasted beetroot, raw apple and a tin of chickpeas, avocados are one of my favourite salad ingredients.

Or I’ll just get a teaspoon out and spoon that creamy flesh straight into my mouth when I’m in a hurry to eat!

Over here in the UK, I can usually only find the huge hass avocados, which are usually too big to eat all at once.

So I’m left with half an avocado which very quickly turns brown.

This week I’ve been experimenting with methods I’ve found across the internet for preventing an avocado turning brown and here’s my verdict:

Leave the pit in it

Doesn’t work per se. If you leave the pit in one half and just leave that on the work surface, you end up with a brown, and sometimes furry avocado within 24 hours.

Store in a lidded container on top of diced onion

This idea intrigued me and it worked really well when I put this in the fridge. My half an avocado lasted a good five days.

Store in a lidded container in the fridge

As a control, I didn’t use cut onion, I just put the avocado in a lidded container and refrigerated it. I had the same result as the container with the onion in.

Under water

According to one source, you simply store a cut avocado in a small bowl of water. This didn’t work so well for me.

Olive oil

One tip suggests rubbing 1tsp of olive oil on the exposed flesh, allowing the excess oil to drip off onto a small saucer then placing the avocado, cut side down in the centre of the oil puddle, creating a seal. I’m a ‘Law of Least Effort’ gal and just rubbed some oil over the flesh. I thought this would work well but it wasn’t great. My half an avocado at room temperature did last until the next day, but the surface was still brown.

So for me, the trick is to put the left over half in a sealed glass container in the fridge where it will last several days. It’s also one of the simplest methods.

What about you – how do you store half an avocado?

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