Zero Waste Week 2013 – day five; how to reduce food waste

zero waste week  - how to reduce food wasteWelcome to day five of zero waste week 2013.

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Today we’re talking about a big challenge to household food management:

Different dietary requirements.

Do you have children who select different school lunches – a salad for one and a full roast for another?

Perhaps you are following a particular diet that has restrictions your family can’t live without.

Maybe your partner gets in at 9pm long after everyone else has eaten and is scouring the cupboards for goodies.

If you’ve got a mix of grazers and those who need a big meal your planning is going to take a bit more effort, but here’s how you can reduce food waste:

  • Batch cook and fill the freezer with ‘convenience’ meals
  • Double the amount you cook for each meal and freeze the excess, if batch cooking isn’t possible.
  • Prepare snacks and keep them fresh in the fridge for people to dip in to.
  • Serve the base of a meal and let everyone choose the extras – such as jacket potatoes and wraps.
  • Hold a regular CORN night – Clear Out Refrigerator Now! Pick and mix the selection of food in your fridge and kiss goodbye to food waste.

What about you – how do you ensure there’s no food waste in your household?

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