How to reduce landfill waste

Up in Scotland, Falkirk is to become the first council in the UK to have residents’ main household bins collected once every three weeks

The aim is to increase recycling and reduce landfill.

Where I live, residents were up in arms at the thought of fortnightly collections so I’d love to hear if three weeks would be challenging for your household?

Here are some of the simple things we do here at zero waste towers to reduce landfill waste:

Decide before you buy

It sounds crazy but the most important thing is to think before you go through the checkout. As yourself “What will I do with this item or packaging once I’ve finished using it”? You might find yourself going back to the shelf to look for a better option

Ditch the disposable carrier bag

This was the first thing we did – we said no to the disposable plastic bag. Sure you can reuse them, but often they end up dumped in the bin. Get a selection of reusable boxes and bags to carry your shopping in instead.

Kerbside recycling

Our next step was to make full use of our kerbside recycling collections. Call your local council to find out what they will collect. Most areas have a good service now with at least paper, tins and glass being collected from outside your home

Set up a recycling area

You don’t need to live in a mansion to set up a decent recycling area. Ideas include a collection of bags behind the kitchen door, boxes in the shed or a shelf of boxes in the porch. This way you can collect items which can be recycled locally at your HWRC or bring banks

Ditch the disposables

Once you are recycling all you can, it’s time to move up the waste hierarchy. Is there a disposable item you could swap for a reusable one? Washable cloths instead of kitchen roll, washable nappies instead of disposable and silicon bakeware instead of paper cases are simple things to try.

What about you – could you manage with a three weekly collection? What would be your tips for reducing landfill waste?

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