It’s #LiveMoreWithLess month!

October is live more with less month.

You didn’t know about it?

That’s ok, I’ve just created it – well, at least it’s #LiveMoreWithLess month for me!

I’ve been given an opportunity for something, which I’m going to need money for, so I’m figuring ways to raise the funds.

And one of them is to slash my monthly budget.

So throughout October I’ll be buying just food, paying utility bills, putting fuel in the car and any health products I need.

Everything else is out.

That’s no clothes, books, entertainment, or gadgets.

Will you join me?

Feel free to make your own rules. Only you can separate your wants from your needs, or know what your monthly ‘essential’ expenses are.

This ties in brilliantly with a zero waste lifestyle, forcing me to be more creative at home.

I’ll be foraging through the freezer and we’ll be eating up all those things we’ve been putting off eating. I’ll be sorting through my wardrobe and selling the things I no longer wear. And I’ll be looking for other opportunities to turn trash into treasure.

Perhaps you need to slim the budget before Christmas, have something to save up for, or you have things that need using up at home. Whatever your reason the more the merrier. So please do join in here or across social media with the hashtag #LiveMoreWithLess

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Rachelle Strauss

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  1. Mary on October 25, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Funny I have only just seen this but we are not able to afford to buy any thing other than food and fuel. So we are doing it and have been for some time

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