When life presents you with food waste

This week I read that supermarket chain, Tesco, has pledged to reduce the amount of food wasted as part of its corporate responsibility report 2013.

They reckon they will do this by no longer encouraging customers to buy large amount of food with a short life; such as Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers on perishable items.

According to the Guardian newspaper, chief executive of Tesco – Philip Clarke – said “It may sound counterintuitive for Tesco to help our customers reduce the amount of food they waste, because it is likely to involve reducing the volume of food they buy. And I understand some people might be sceptical hearing it from a supermarket CEO. But the issue we are trying to solve is a long-term risk.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this because food waste is something that affects every one of us.

I’ve been reducing household waste for five years but I STILL have food waste and yes, I get lured by the Buy One Get One Free offers in my local shops.

Here’s some of the things I find happening in zero waste towers:

  • I promise myself I’ll freeze stuff and promptly forget  about it.
  • I make a meal plan based around my bargains then find Little Miss Green gets invited to a friends for tea.
  • Sometimes we simply have eyes bigger than our bellies and can’t get through the food before it goes off; hence my tip to avoid shopping when you’re hungry!
  • We might buy some ‘bargain’ food, only to realise its reduced because no one on their right mind would eat it.
  • Food gets pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten. Tip number 2 – keep an inventory…

We’re pretty relaxed about ignoring Best Before dates and even Use By dates for most products, but there are times when we’ve simply bought too much fresh food and not eaten it in time and I’ve not been organised enough to preserve the food for future use.

I’d love to hear the ‘life gets in the way’ obstacles that result in food waste in YOUR household.

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