Packing a punch with my zero waste lunch

Today I’ll be mostly getting my tiffin on, thanks to Jo at Boobalou.

Last year Jo sent me some reusable kitchen roll, which is the cutest roll you’ve ever seen.


I had quite a kitchen roll habit and reckoned I spent an eye watering £78 per year on something that would end up in the bin or compost heap.

This year Jo is helping me pack a zero waste lunch – she sent me a tiffin.

The tiffin is a plastic free stainless steel two tier lunch box with clip closure and a separate mini container which fits inside. This makes it ideal for all sorts of ‘on the go’ meals from salad and sandwiches to fruit and snacks.


And it’s completely plastic free. There’s not even a plastic seal (which does mean you could get leaks if you transport very wet foods, so pack wisely).

I love this item; it’s compact, easy to clean and would pay for itself quickly. Just imagine how much money you could save by packing your own lunch sans clingfilm, foil or sandwich bags – none of which are needed with this tiffin.

In fact, the average person in the UK spends £3.69 each day buying a take out lunch; which, based on a five day week, is over £880 per year. 


What about you – how do you reuse things when you pack lunches for yourself or the kids?


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