How to plan a zero waste Halloween

Whether you celebrate or not, Halloween is just around the corner.

And even if you don’t take part yourself, you might end up with trick or treaters at your door.

How can you join in the erm, ‘fun’ whilst still being good to the environment?

I asked our Facebook Group waste warriors for their ideas:

Second hand costumes

Many costumes are made from manmade fibres and are designed to be used once for that ‘quick fix’.

Hannah said “I’ve noticed that a lot of secondhand stores have lots of costumes, so that’s probably a good place to find costumes.”

Celebrate in an alternative way

Alex wrote “The church where we attend a playgroup is hosting a pirate party that evening, so that those who wish to avoid Halloween can do so without their children feeling left out. I thought that was a great idea!

Celebrate Samhain

Nicki said “We celebrate Samhain as we are a Pagan household. We decorate with dried leaves, apples, pumpkins and pinecones. We talk about the last harvest and about saving food for the winter months. We bake bread with lots of rosemary for remembrance. Afterwards we use the pumpkin and apple in baking and roast the pumpkin seeds.

Project your pumpkin!

Laura said “I did see pumpkin projectors to get the effect of a jack of lantern without cutting into the pumpkin, might be a thought as then you’ve still got an intact pumpkin to stuff and roast

Pick your own

Gemma wrote “There’s a farm near us that has a “pick your own” pumpkin event, that’s fun as you can carve it there or bring it home to carve (saving the insides for tasty cooking!)

Waste not, want not

Zero Waste Week ambassador Zoe is on hand to help us eat the entire pumpkin. Here are her ideas.

She promises, that with careful thought, all you get left with is the stalk!

Share with others

Zoe also shared “We do join in with Halloween because we have 2 kids and it is a lot of fun for them. They collect sweets but don’t eat them (I have been known to save them till the kids birthday parties and give them away in party bags).”

What about you? How do you make sure this festival is Hallow-Green?

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Rachelle Strauss

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