How to promote Zero Waste Week in your community

Nadine contacted me about getting her business onboard with Zero Waste Week.

She is trying to get the word out for people to stop throwing away items and to reuse, recycle and reduce.

As she works in a thrift store, she was after suggestions on how to promote the week.

Here are five ideas:

Swish and swap

Swishing parties are fantastic for passing on unloved items of clothing. You can find details for organising a swishing party here. If clothes don’t appeal to your target audience, then anything can be swapped – tools, toys, books, cds – the possibilities are endless.

And as Nadine works in a thrift store, anything left at the end of the night can be sold for charity. Find out how to organise a swishing event here.

Workshops and talks

A great way to get making community involved with Zero waste Week is to organise a talk or workshop.

Popular topics include making toiletries products such as homemade toothpaste or plastic free deodorant. If that doesn’t appeal, you could organise a food waste cookery demonstration or learn basic sewing skills.

Repair parties

Restart Parties are a fantastic way to pass on skills such as mending simple electronics or learning clothing repairs.

Family friendly

For a family friendly day you could get children to create things from ‘waste’ cardboard, fabric scraps etc.

We had a group last year create a lovely mural for their local village hall.

Film night

Why not organise a film night and open up a Q&A session afterwards? Yours truly is in Trashed with Jeremy Irons, which covers the topics of waste and sustainability across the world.

What about you? How do you promote the Zero waste message?





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