How to recycle paper in the office

Here’s an interesting query I had this week. They wrote:

“One of our challenges is that our current waste/recycling contractor sends waste paper to incineration and we are unable to release ourselves from the contract until 2017.

While some of us would be prepared to take paper home to be recycled, we’re aware that if household recycling operatives identify business-related waste being added to household they have a duty to inform their employer and this may cause an issue for either the householder, the business or both.

I just wonder if you or anyone in the network had come across a similar challenge and have managed to find a work around at all?”

Compost it!

I tentatively suggested “Perhaps start a company allotment and shred the paper to add to the compost pile ;)” which was well received. Our questioner responded “Good idea on the composting as we do have a working garden on site plus I should also have thought of that seeing as I do this at home also.”

Out of more ideas myself, I asked our intrepid waste warriors for their suggestions; here’s what they came up with:

Use for packaging

Jane said “Have you considered shredding it & using for packaging? Also surely if they are incinerating your waste paper they are not really a recycling company maybe it is worth speaking to them to see if they can offer an alternative?

Heat your office – for free!

Sheena shared “We shred our business paper to make logs and kindling for our office stove. Some business post goes straight in our household recycling too – never considered it might be a problem since our home address is our main business address. What if you shred it before recycling at home?

Donate to playgroups

Lyn suggested “If it’s not confidential a nursery or playscheme might take one sided printing for children’s drawings etc.”

Use for animal bedding

Becka wrote “As someone with two rabbits, I would suggest shredding and finding either an animal sanctuary, or, list it on freecycle and let people collect it for their small animals – Most people would use wood shavings otherwise, so it’s still diverting waste.” Lyn agreed, she wrote “I would approach various small holdings as we give our shredded paper to one at their request. They get lots as they have a board out at the road side. They share with others when they get overwhelmed. ”

How would you resolve this dilemma?

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  1. Suella Postles on August 31, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Love the breakfast bars. I dehydrate apples after using a gadget to peel and slice them. I have some lstill left over from this time last year. A perfect way to use them all up.



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