How to recycle / reuse old medical text books

Ailsa sent me an email. She wrote “I work in a GP practice and have been looking for a way to dispose of old medical text books.
Do you have any ideas?”

Kate, who describes herself as a tinkerer, mender and recycler suggested:

Elisabeth, who is interested in sustainability, design and positivity had several suggestions:

Sanne from Sweden agreed – she wrote:

PetitMew; who is one of the UK’s most influential female gamers shared THIS beauty!

Over on Facebook, our community were hard at it with their suggestions:

Rxk Boland suggested donating them to a libary or trainee medical school, adding “They’d be great for research and historical value.”

Mandy asked “Are they worth advertising on Freecycle?”

Lyn suggested selling to an Antiquarian bookshop or on eBay.

Ruth agreed, adding “Lots of Antiquarian bookshops in University towns would probably be interested.”

What about you? It’s easy to send novels to the charity shop, but what about specialist books like old medical text books?

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Rachelle Strauss


  1. suellap on June 30, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Rachel, I’d love some old medical books. The odler ones as you have illustrated are very interesting as objects in their own right.

    Some ideas spring to mind. No doubt others will have more ideas too.

    Craftsters will want them as interesting images and paper to print over.

    I’d offer them to a school or college for their older art and craft students who will either cut them up or use them for components

    Book art generally where books are made into boxes or special 3-D art is always fun as well

    Paper beads plain varnished or painted.

  2. cynthia Goodge on November 28, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    I work at a GP surgery and we have quite a few books we do not need,all medical. Please advise what to do with them

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