Recycle your Christmas

Now the festivities are over and you’ve taken a New Year’s Resolution to reduce your landfill waste (You have, right?) it’s time to get into good habits.

And what better way to start than recycling your Christmas?

From cards to wrapping paper there’s plenty you can do to keep things out of the bin:


Recycle them at a local pick up point (lots of supermarkets have special collection points) or reuse them to make tags and cards next year

Cardboard boxes:

Reuse when you next send something in the post, recycle at your local recycling centre or rip it up and add to your compost heap

Christmas Trees:

If you’ve bought a real tree without roots, many councils offer a pick up collection for Christmas trees. They’ll be shredded and made into soil improver

Wrapping paper:

Keep the good stuff to reuse. Anything which can’t be reused or recycled (not all councils accept wrapping paper) can be kept for packing material


We all get a present we don’t really appreciate. Ditch the guilt and drop it off at a charity shop instead where it will be appreciated


Have another set of tree lights stopped working? Don’t throw them in the bin, take them to your nearest WEEE recycling point

What about you; how do you reduce the environmental impact of Christmas?


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