7 ways to reduce food waste in a hot climate

We’re hitting a heat wave here in the UK, and I’m thinking about effects on food waste.

I asked our Facebook group whether hot weather increased food waste in their households. I was thinking about scenarios such as flies landing on food, foods ripening and going off more quickly, or dwindling appetites in the heat which meant food was left to go off.

Here’s some of the feedback, and advice members shared:

Don’t turn your back!

Lyn knew exactly what I was talking about. She wrote “Half a melon had to hit the compost bin as it was fine yesterday morning but mush by the evening! Sob!”

Smaller appetites

Alison was feeling the effects of dwindling appetites. She wrote “Fluctuating appetites are the big problem here, that and my oh going away for work. It’s just harder to get through the food before it goes off.”

Keep it covered

Gemma suggested food umbrellas! She wrote “We keep food covered with little pop up food umbrellas. We use them for BBQ and camping and just around the kitchen/dining room in summer.”

Shona agreed that keeping food covered was key, and uses tea towels in her home. She also wrote “My husband just found a blue bottle in our salad cream so he’s binned that…I probably would have eaten it still!!”

Press the pause button

Jess reminded us that the freezer is our friend in reducing food waste.

Juice it

Phil shared a great tip for over-ripening fruit: “The heat does affect our fruit and veg storage but our new blender is helping us get it all used up in time. I feel alot healthier for having juices too.”

Cracking the whip

Amanda is determined not to have any food waste. She wrote “We eat less food when it’s hot so there’s less waste generally, but my sister and her girlfriend are staying with us currently and are more than happy to leave half their dinner because they’re full but still order a takeaway at midnight! Jokes on them though – their wasted dinners are going to be turned into their lunch!”


Janielle has brilliant advice as she lives in a hot climate “I live in Australia so all fresh food goes in the fridge. Even fruit must be eaten within a couple of days so only portions are put in the fruit bowl.”

Pat shared a similar story and wrote “I keep everything in the fridge in the summer and only take it out if I am about to eat it.”

Beautiful bread

Aggie shared her tip for preventing bread waste (one of the nation’s stop wasted foods) She wrote “Bread goes mouldy quicker, we freeze it and defrost less or keep it in the fridge.”

Buy less

Zena is stopping food waste at source and suggested “We’ve simply started buying less in our weekly shop. Sometimes it means we have to go out and get more but more usually it means that apart from getting inventive at the end of the week, the food is less likely to need to be chucked.”

What great advice! What about you, when the mercury soars, how do you keep the food waste down?

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  1. Suella Postles on July 30, 2019 at 10:15 am

    I only harvest stuff that I’ll eat at that meal. It does go off very quickly otherwise.

    We also turn things into hot or cold soup.&fFreeze it.

  2. Pauline P on July 31, 2019 at 7:42 am

    Combination of all the above! I keep fruit in the fridge but take 1 of each out to put in the fruit bowl, my sensitive teeth don’t like things too cold! We also freeze bread and take it out when needed, but I understand keeping bread in the fridge is not good as it changes the texture of the bread for the worst? We defrost it and cool items quickly under the food umbrellas so the can go in the fridge/freezer asap. We’ve also found that cutting up fruit when we buy it and store it in the fridge in containers means we eat it more quickly to avoid the food waste.

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