Reducing packaging and food waste through innovation

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November 19, 2017
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January 8, 2018
how to reduce packaging and food waste

how to reduce packaging and food wasteReducing packaging and food waste are topics I’m passionate about.

So much so, food waste is one of the most popular themes for Zero Waste Week.


Well it affects us all!

Regardless of our financial status, lifestyle choices and schedules, we ALL eat daily and have to decide what to do with any food that doesn’t go into our stomachs and the packaging it arrives in.

There are some simple ways to reduce food waste, but there’s always more to learn.

Recently I’ve been thinking about bread.

Only one of our family eats bread on a regular basis and I was throwing more into the compost heap than she was eating.

I’m not organised enough to freeze the loaf then take out what is needed, but I had an epiphany the other week:

Why not buy a half loaf?

Well, duh!

Likewise with salad. Many people end up throwing more salad away than they eat, and some forward thinking companies now sell two smaller bags of salad fused together. This is a fantastic way to reduce food waste.

While we might like to think we’d love to buy everything sans packaging, there are times when this is impractical. It’s easy to point a finger at the packaging and manufacturing companies for creating excess packaging, but *some* carefully thought out packaging can help us reduce food waste too.

Take a look at the infographic below from Graphic Packaging. While I don’t agree with everything on there, it certainly gives you some ideas on the packaging innovations out there and tips on what we, as consumers, can do to reduce packaging and food waste.

Like what you see? Here’s the embed code to copy and paste into your own blog:

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Reducing food and packaging waste

Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss
Rachelle Strauss is founder of and Both are leading websites for helping householders reduce landfill waste. Her work has attracted media stories and engagement in documentaries, film and radio both locally and abroad.

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