4 ways to reuse / recycle old metal twinlock fasteners

Over on Facebook, Helen shared an intriguing query.

“I work for a charity which trains adults with learning disabilities in work skills. We currently run a sustainable shredding to bedding project. Our trainees collect confidential waste, sort it , shred it and then sell the shredding as bedding to farms, stable etc.

When we sort the confidential waste, we often get strange things left! Can anyone think of an alternative use for these twinlock fasteners? I don’t want them to go to landfill!”

As ever, our fantastic community were full of great ideas. Here’s what they suggested:

Upcycled plant labels

Roz said “Plant labels? You can get pens that will mark on metal – might be worth a try.”

Earn money

Hollie suggested getting some money for them: “The best place would be to a scrap metal place. you can sell it on by weight making a little cash for the charity and it going back into circulation as new items.”

Christine agreed with Hollie; you could even try them on eBay. She wrote “Try selling them if they aren’t damaged?”


Amy chose the quick and simple route and suggested “I would guess that they’re aluminium – lightweight and flexible? So they should be easily recyclable.” Mike added “Most council recycling centres will take metal.”

Make into new notebooks

Rachel went down the artistic route and said “Maybe some crafty person could use them to make new notebooks.”

How would you put a pile of twinlock fasteners to good reuse?

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