7 ways to reuse vegetable peelings

Terrie wrote to me this week about disposing of vegetable peelings without a garden.

She asked, “I do not have a garden and have lots of vegetable peelings -any ideas [my council does not take them for compost] “

I came up with a couple of ideas and asked our Facebook community – who, as ever, shared some great suggestions:


If you don’t produce too many peels then a wormery can work well. You don’t need a garden for a wormery – you can put a small one on a porch, outside the front door or on a balcony. Nin shared “I have a worm compost bin under my bathroom sink. it doesn’t smell and I can give the compost to my coworkers that garden when it’s ready.”

Donate to others!

If you have friends with a compost heap, they’d probably be delighted to take your scraps for their heaps. John agreed, he wrote “I have two friends bag up their food scraps and waste paper and pop it round to me in a polybag every fortnight or so. I’m happy to have the extra compost!” Failing that a local allotment may have compost heaps and will be happy to take your donations. Jen, who is in a similar position to Terrie, wrote “I found someone to collect my compostables on Streetlife.”

Feed chickens

Zena said “Depending on the type of peelings, they can go to friends who have chickens. My friend who has about 20 chickens is asking everyone for their pumpkin inners during Halloween!”

Eat them!

Paula said simply “Don’t peel your vegetables!” A lot of the goodness is in the peels, so this can definitely work for veggies such as scrubbed carrots or potatoes. Lucy added “You can use most root veg peelings for stock, soup, or bake them into crisps. No need to put them into any sort of bin!” Carla shared her recipe, she wrote “I scrub the veg good before peeling, then once I have all the peels I toss with oil, salt, pepper and spread on cookie sheets and bake. Great little snacks!” Alice added this link as an idea for an ‘instant soup mix’.

Farmers market

Camila wrote “Her local farmers market might have a compost bin – Mine does!”

Community gardens

Ruth shared “We have some community gardens in York, most have a compost heap and residents in local flats and terraces pop their veg peelings in there.”

Donate to dog lovers

If a friends or colleagues make their own dog food, Nicky suggested “You can blend peelings to make mixer for dogs.” Jane added “I cook all our peelings and cook them up for my dogs (except from the allium family as can kill dogs) Does she know anyone who would do this?

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