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Posts Tagged ‘snack’

Instant Bacon Bites

This week there was only one loaf of bread left in our farm shop. It was so huge you could have scaled its North face. It eventually got so dry nobody wanted to eat it and I thought it would end up being fed to the compost heap. The previous night Little Miss Green had…

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Annie's ZWW Odds N'Ends Burritos

This week, I have been so determined not to waste a single scrap of food if I could help it, that I have been hoarding bits and bobs of left over ingredients and cooked food like a foodie Fagin. Last night, I surveyed the collection of small tupperware boxes in the fridge and realised I…

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Use it up! Pakoras

Tonight I made Pakora with a bag of out of date spinach which was just begining to wilt. Use any vegetables that you have shrivelling in the bottom of the fridge. Just cut the vegetables into slices, or shred according to their density. Remember that courgettes will cook a lot quicker than chunks of carrot.…

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