Instant Bacon Bites

This week there was only one loaf of bread left in our farm shop. It was so huge you could have scaled its North face.

It eventually got so dry nobody wanted to eat it and I thought it would end up being fed to the compost heap.

The previous night Little Miss Green had a bacon craving, following a nine mile sponsored walk – I guess her body needed the salt!

And, being the lazy so-and-so I am, the greasy tray had been left in the hope the housework fairies would turn up for a late shift.

The fairies didn’t turn up for some strange reason so I had to channel my inner Mrs Beeton to rescue all this food.

It was then I was struck by inspiration, or maybe it was fear and trepidation, as I remembered an email I’d received from Baroness Jenkin in which she’d remarked “I NEVER throw crusts away!”

That’s me told then.

Fortunately I had one of my ‘it’s not rocket science’ moments and my instant bacon bites were created with just two magical ingredients:

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  1. Random Recycler on July 15, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Great idea – I must cook more bacon so I can try it out!
    (And so cool that the Baroness has come out about her crust fetish)

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