Why should I take part in Zero Waste Week?

Dissect any great marketing campaign and they all boil down to one thing.

They promise you more sex, money and better health.

And guess what?

Taking part in Zero Waste Week will give you all this and MORE.

And you don’t have to buy a thing.

Here’s how…

You can retire early

My Zero Waste lifestyle saves me over £1000 a year – invest that wisely and you could be on that yacht quicker than you can fill your recycling bin.

You’ll get more sex

Nuts, the UK’s number one selling men’s weekly magazine, polled 1,500 women on the personality traits that they found most attractive in men. Top of the list was ‘Showing you care about the environment’. Yes gents, it would appear that green credentials is now the number one quality modern British women seek in a partner.

You’ll improve relationships

Taking part in Zero Waste Week can promote communication between family members. It’s a great way to engage with teens, a common goal for you and your spouse to talk about, you can learn things from your elders and a fabulous week to teach young children about some of your values. Move over the Waltons…

It’s fun!

Oh yes it is. Just sign up and you’ll find out why…

You’ll have more friends

Ok, they might be virtual friends but I can guarantee that if you get stuck into our online conversations you’ll meet like-minded people who make you feel ‘normal’. They’ll be as excited as you about svelte bins, shopping naked and finding an on-the-go recycling bin.

Burn your bra and wave a placard

It’s your chance to be part of a movement, from the comfort of your own home. Call it armchair activism.

You’ll get your dream job

I’m convinced you’ll learn at least one new thing during the week and you might be inspired to learn a new skill – stick that on your CV and impress your boss! You might get on so well with it you set up a cottage industry or be the next contestant on Dragon’s Den.

You’ll live longer

People who feel good about something are happy. Happy people are healthy. Healthy people live longer. You’ve been meaning to set yourself a goal, right? And that recycling bin has been tugging at your conscience. Now’s the time to get some support, encouragement and help to do what you’ve been meaning to do anyway.

What about you – why are YOU taking part in Zero Waste Week?

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