Tell us your Zero Waste Week pledge for 2015!

This year’s Zero Waste Week theme is ‘Reuse’.

I love this theme because it gets us rethinking waste and helps make more of the resources we have.

If you’re a complete newbie then grab a reusable bottle and ditch the bottled water habit.

If you’re more experienced, is there a disposable items you could swap for a reusable one?

And if you’re a complete pro maybe this is your opportunity for a totally ZERO WASTE week!

Our blogging ambassadors have been busy making their pledges and they’re so diverse and inspirational I wanted to share them in the hope they will get your creative juices flowing.

So without further ado:
Anna is seriously upping the ante. This year Anna’s family has taken on the challenge to avoid single use plastic which means creative reuse of bags, containers and all sorts of other things so they can buy what they need without plastic packaging.

Brenda says “My pledge will be “Reuse in the Home”.  Each day we will take a different thing we have at home and try to find ways to reuse it.”

Caroline says “My pledge for the week is to buy food for a week without packaging. I’ll ‘reuse’ my old packaging when shopping. e.g take my own container when buying fish / meat / eggs / veg and fruit. No new packaging or plastic will be used!”

Emma Northcott has come up with an intriguing pledge which I’m looking forward to finding out more about. She says, rather enigmatically, “I’m thinking of basing my week around reusing plastic bottles.”

Gina is going to investigate using reusable sanitary products. Her research shows the average woman uses 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, many of which end up in landfill or the sea. She said “People use reusable nappies so I don’t know why this isn’t more common also.”

Jen says “I’m going to have a Buy Nothing Week which means I’ll need to reuse the things I already have!”

Jenni writes “I recently started helping out at a charity shop and the manager is a keen lover of reusing damaged donations as much as possible rather than throwing them away. So I pledge to take inspiration from her by thinking of creative ways to reuse other people’s old junk!”

Jo is an avid upcycler who pretty much makes the most of everything in her day to day life already, so she’s going to be inspiring others. She writes “I pledge to help educate others on how they can reuse everyday household items by upcycling them into other items, or using them for an alternate purpose.”

Kate’s reusing her food. She says “My pledge is to eat all edible parts of the fruits and vegetables that we buy. To be creative and resourceful in order to use up the roots, stalks, flowers and leaves that, although edible, aren’t generally eaten. To make use of the edible weeds and that grow around me. ”

Kirsty says “My topic for Zero Waste will be to “reuse” leftovers instead of throwing them away. I’ll share recipes which revamp leftovers and makes them into completely new meals.”

Lindsay has a really difficult situation on her hands as she’ll be abroad, away from home during Zero Waste Week. It’s easy to put things in place when you’re in your home setting, but when you’re away? Well Lindsay says “I pledge to reuse as much as I can while living in other people’s homes and out of a suitcase on holiday!” Good luck Lindsay!

Liz is compiling a useful post on how to reuse for good causes. As well as the usual bras, spectacles and old printer cartridges, be sure to check out Liz’s post for some more obscure ideas!

Meg is already a committed re-user, and wanted to stretch herself. So she came up with this 2-fold pledge:
“To reuse unavoidable waste and to satisfy non-essential desires by reusing resources.”

Nicola is getting a headstart on the C word! Yep, she’s going to make her Christmas presents out of things she already has – so not buying any new items or using packaging.

Polythene Pam is one of three ambassador bloggers who will be on the road during Zero Waste Week! Not to be deterred, Polythene Pam writes “I will be backpacking for the whole of September and the months either side, which could be tricky. There’s not much room for reusables in a backpack, street food comes in one-use disposables and of course there’s the language barrier. It’s difficult enough asking them you reuse your plastic tub in Tescos, how am I going to manage in Mandarin?”

Trudi says “As its only 2 weeks before I leave all my worldly possessions behind and travel the world, this years theme will help me make the things i already have of use on the road! I am going to tackle reusing things for my backpacking travels rather than giving it all away before i jet off.”

Vicky pledges “I will be menu planning, food shopping with as little packaging as possible, and encouraging the children to eat their crusts! I will also be focussing on handmade gifts using materials I already have.”

Westy Writes has been teaching herself a new skillset this year and offers “My pledge will be loosely around reusing fabric such as old clothes and fabric scraps etc.”

Zoe says “I will review my reusables that need replacing every so often and see if I can find some longer lasting reusables.  I will also see if I am using any disposables still and try to work out alternatives.”

What about you – will you join one of our blogging ambassadors or do you have an idea of your own you’ll be pledging?

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