The twelve days of waste-less giving – infographic

My last couple of posts on reducing waste when giving gifts this Christmas has struck a chord with many of you, who are asking for more ideas!

Well more you shall have.

‘Tis the season and all that…

I’ve created an infographic with the 12 days of waste less giving which you are free to share in its entirety on your social media channels or blog.

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how to give zero waste christmas presents infographic

If you’re less visual and prefer to read a straight forward list, here are 12 ideas for wasteless giving this Christmas:


For an avid reader, give a subscription to a favourite digital publication or Audible for a year-round gift.

Acts of Service:

Ever wish someone would help with the cleaning, decorating, those ‘pending’ jobs that are annoying you? Why not offer to gift your time and help someone?

Charity shops:

Charity shops are full of amazing, unique finds at knock-down prices, they help to preserve resources and your money goes to a good cause – it’s a win-win


Whether it’s an interesting houseplant, a fruit bush or a tree, giving plants is a wonderful way to give a ‘greener’ gift

Give a Goat

Instead of wasting your money on festive jumpers and novelty light up gimmicks, why not give a charitable gift.

From beehives, to orchards to bicycles, radios, medical aid and education, charitable gifts can make a real difference in someone’s life. Check out organisations like ‘Send a Cow’ and Unicef.

Tickets please!

Tickets to a favourite restaurant, movie, concert or the theatre can create memories forever and much less waste than ‘things’!

Adopt an animal

Know an animal lover who is living waste free to protect animals? From dolphins to tigers you can protect some of the world’s most vulnerable animals. Organisations like the WWF send regular updates about how your donation is helping their work.


Home baked foods are the best. From biscuits to brownies to hot chocolate jars there are heaps of ideas on Pinterest for Christmas gifts.


What is your friend’s greatest dream? Here are the five most popular experience gifts, according to Virgin:

  • Comedy night for two
  • View from the Shard and three course meal
  • Indoor skydiving!
  • Afternoon tea
  • Peaceful pamper day


Consumables don’t create any waste at all, if you pitch it right. Give the recipient their favourite bath products, candles or chocolate.


Give annual membership to the National Trust, an art gallery, the Royal Horticultural Society or even Netflix.

Learn new skills

You’re never too old to learn something new. Enrol someone in a sewing, quilting, Amateur Radio or art class.

Even though this blog post gives ideas on what to buy, one of the most priceless gifts we can give someone is our time. With one fifth of the population saying they are always or often lonely, take the emphasis away from things and make this festive season about spending quality time with the people you love.

What about you? What would you add to the list?

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